Strongest Dog Breeds That Also Make Great Pets

You might believe that the smaller puppy would be the best choice when looking for the perfect family dog, but some of the strongest breeds that are well-known for being guard dogs also make great companions.


These hefty cuties can weigh up to 150 pounds, and many are between 120-150 pounds. These pups are not just brawny; they are also known as gentle giants for their calm demeanor and high intelligence.

What Makes A Dog Strong?

Breed Characteristics

Mastiffs and Rottweilers are among the dog breeds that have been selectively selected for their muscle structure, bone structure, and physical prowess. These breeds have more muscle mass and are stronger than other breeds.


Muscle Composition

In dogs, the proportion of muscle fibers that are fast-twitch is higher than in slow-twitch. Fast-twitch muscle fibers provide explosive power and strength, which are important for activities such as sprinting and jumping.

Body Structure

The proportions and shape of a dog can have a significant impact on its strength. Dogs with a muscular chest and strong hindquarters are stronger and more agile.

Bone density and Skeletal structure

The density and strength of the dog’s bones, as well as its overall skeletal frame, play an important role in determining their physical abilities. Breeds with denser, heavier bones and a strong skeletal structure are usually more powerful.

Muscle Attachment points

The way muscles attach to bones in a dog can affect the amount of force they can produce. Breeds with better muscle attachment points have a tendency to be stronger.


Exercise and Physical Conditioning

Regular exercise, weight training, and conditioning can enhance the physical strength and power of a dog. Exercises like weight lifting, agility training, and resistance training help to build muscle mass.

Nutrition and Diet

A high-quality, balanced diet that is rich in minerals, protein, and other essential nutrients will support the development of a dog’s muscles and overall health, and this will contribute to their strength.

While certain breeds are predisposed to having greater strength, the muscle development and power of individual dogs will vary depending on factors such as genetics, fitness, and training.

It’s always important to research thoroughly before adopting a pet. Some dogs are perfect for families with young children, while others may not be, especially because of their size. Some dogs are best for new pet owners, while others are more suitable for experienced pet owners. Consider how much space and exercise each dog needs; this will help you match your lifestyles.

The next step, after choosing your adorable dog breed, is to choose a dog name. Finally, you can spoil your new pet by giving it some best dog toys.

Pit Bull

Pit bulls are a grouping of dog breeds known for their power and strength. It’s important to remember that, as with any other breed, the power and strength of pit bulls can be affected by factors like temperament, socialization, and training.

Socialization, training, and responsible handling are crucial to ensure pit bulls behave well and don’t abuse their physical abilities.


These dogs are hard workers and even harder players; their muscular exteriors have made them working dogs for centuries.

They are playful and love to play fetch; they can be excellent pets for families in the right environment.

Siberian Husky

In the past, huskies were used as sled dogs, towing heavy loads.

According to the AKC, huskies are very energetic and playful in their home.

Great Dane

According to Hillspet, Great Danes are divided into two breed categories:

Working and Guardian; they are playful, affectionate, and love to be cuddled.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for their powerful bite, and they’re often used in law enforcement, military, or protection, but don’t let this deter you; they are great family pets, and they’re wonderful with kids.


The AKC says that these dogs are powerful yet affectionate and do best with older children.

Saint Bernard

The American Kennel Club states that a male Saint Bernard may weigh up to 180 pounds and is known to be extremely protective, and because of its massive size and muscular body, it is on the list as one of the strongest breeds.

Saint Bernards are also great family dogs.


According to AKC, these pups are full of loyalty, affection, and work ethic; they are small, between 65-80 pounds; however, they are extremely powerful and agile.

Families with older children are best suited for them.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

They are also known as powerful athletes, with their muscular build and high speed, but don’t be fooled these dogs tend to be gentle.


Newfoundlands have a sweet temperament despite their large stature and power.

When properly trained and socialized, they are willing to protect children and other animals and will get along with them.

Irish Wolfhound

You’ve just found the perfect match if you are looking for a muscular yet graceful puppy; it’s hard to ignore the intimidating appearance of the Irish Wolfhound.

The Irish Wolfhound is too cute to be a dog of guard; they can make great family pets, but because of their size, they should be supervised around children.

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