Who is Javier Baez’s Wife (Irmarie Marquez): Wiki, Bio, Age, Personal Life, Love Story, Children, Career, And Net Worth

Who is Javier Baez’s Wife: Irmarie Marquez?

Irmarie is the wife of Javier Baez, who works as a beauty influencer on social media, promoting companies and cosmetics and giving advice about various products. She earns her living this way.


Javier Baez’s Wife: Irmarie Marquez’s Age

Irmarie Báez was born in Bayamon on April 5, 1992. She will be 31 in 2024.

How did Javier Baez meet his Wife: Irmarie Márquez? 

Javier Baez, Irmarie, and their friends were schoolmates at 13 years old; they reconnected in later life and began dating and got married.


Javier Baez and Irmarie Márquez Personal Life and Children

Javier Baez and Irmarie Marquez have been friends since they were 13 years old; they first met in middle school while dealing with the craziness of the day.

They bumped again into each other in 2013, during Javy’s Puerto Rico adventure; the sparks started flying, and the couple began their journey together. Irmarie made it to Chicago to be at Javy’s side.

Baez shared the news on Twitter of his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Irmarie Marquez, on April 11, 2018. Javier could not contain his excitement when he took to Twitter to announce that his girlfriend had said “yes, I do.” to a lifetime together.

He chose to propose during the return of the Spring Training team when Irmarie celebrated her birthday in collaboration with online jeweler James Allen. Baez knew from the beginning that she was the woman he would marry.


Their love story unfolded over time; they tied the knot on January 26, 2019, in Puerto Rico.

The couple exchanged vows at a romantic wedding ceremony on the beaches of San Juan; they invited their closest friends and family to celebrate their special day, along with some celebrities, such as rapper and singer Daddy Yankee.

The couple, still engaged at the time, welcomed their bundle of joy; they named the baby boy Adrian Javier Baez Marquez on June 28, 2018.

A new baby boy, Aiden Javier, was welcomed into the family in 2021.

They are always together and enjoy going on adventures; they took a Caribbean vacation not too long ago before starting the WBC series. Irmarie jokingly captioned the vacation as their “last holiday before WBC 2023.”

Baez reflected on the journey and said, “My family will always be present and my future, through all of the ups-and-downs.” God, thank you for another blessing; their story is filled with love and joy.

Javier Baez’s Wife: Irmarie Marquez’s Career

Irmarie, a well-known influencer in the world of makeup and wellness, works with many big brands.

Her Instagram has over 200k followers, and her fanbase is growing every day.

Irmarie has also been slowly but surely conquering TikTok with her cool lip-syncing and dancing videos. She has received a total of 25k views for the video she made to promote insomnia cookies, but she’s recently switched gears to focus on her fitness journey.

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Javier Baez’s Wife: Irmarie Marquez’s Net Worth

Irmarie Baez and her husband, Javier Baez, share a net wealth of more than $10 million. She also earns a living by promoting beauty brands via social media.

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