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Who is Amartya Rao?

Amartya is a well-known don in Mumbai, where he was recognized as a gangster. Amartya was also known as DK Rao. Filmmakers decided to make a movie about DK Rao, a real-life gangster. John Abraham portrayed Amartya Rao, a real-life criminal, and Emraan Hashmi played the role of Vijay Savarkar – a policeman, while Kajal played the main character.


Amartya Rao’s Age, Early Life, Family, and Education

Amartya was a Mumbai Gangster who became famous during the 80s; this refers to 1980-1990. His exact age is unknown, and we don’t know anything about his family. He is also known for being a brutal criminal and as the ruler of Mumbai. He has been charged with threatening, murder, and bank robbery. DK Rao’s zodiac was Scorpio. Amartya Rao completed his graduate studies, according to another source.

Amartya Rao (also known as DK Rao) came from a poor family in Mumbai; he has always wanted to control the entire city of Mumbai in any way possible.


He began to rob banks in his city, and slowly, he took his terrorism to another level.

Amartya Rao’s Personal Life

Amartya DK Rao met Chota Raan, a popular Indian villain. He offered Chota Raan to join his gang; they joined forces and began working together, and both of them worked together for many, many years.

Amartya DK Rao and Chota Rao robbed a lot of people of their businesses and wealth; they also defeated many small gangs and those who rebelled against them.

Chota Rao and Amartya DK Rao were arrested in relation to a murder, but Amartya DK Rao was able to get out of jail. Amartya has always found a way to get himself out of the police net.


Chotarajan and his cohort killed a Mumbai-based businessman because Chota Rajan was a business rival of the man, Daud. Chota was threatened by Daud’s presence, and for that reason, he killed him.

Two rivals engaged in a battle for supremacy, and Amartya was arrested and jailed. Daud attempted to kill Amartya even while in jail but failed.

Daud men came back to the station, hoping to take Amartya DK Rao out one last time, but he managed, somehow, to escape with seven bullet holes in his body.

Amartya DK Rao was unable to leave jail after the incident because he knew that Daud still wanted his life.

Sanjay Gupta, a leading movie director and filmmaker, recently made a film about Amartya DK Rao’s life as a villain. John Ibrahim was the actor who played Amartya DK Rao in the film.

Amartya Rao’s Crime

Amartya has lived a life of criminality and is now considered to be a real gangster; from his early years, he always wanted to rule Mumbai. Amartya started out as a Mumbai robber; he is known as the person who has visited jail the most in Mumbai. Chotarajan, a gangster from India, was his accomplice in crime. He ruled half of Mumbai, like KGF Story; he killed and robbed people, homes, banks, and other institutions.

Amartya survived three encounters in prison, but he died in jail. Amartya’s biography is a project that many filmmakers are working to create; the story is based on his real-life story.

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Amartya Rao’s Movie Story: The Mumbai Saga

The Mumbai Saga, an action-crime thriller, has been causing controversy since the teaser video was released. This action-crime film was finally released digitally on Amazon Prime after a long wait. Many anticipated the digital release due to the limited cinemas in India. The film was made available as an OTT on Amazon Prime on April 27th, 2021. The film was released in cinemas on March 19th, 2021.

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