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Who is Barbara Ann Bregoli?

Barbara Ann Bregoli has gained fame as the mother to social media sensation Danielle Bregoli (also known as Bhad Bhabie). Barbara became famous after appearing on the Dr Phil Show with her famous daughter Danielle, where Danielle said the now-famous phrase ‘Cash me outside, how about that?’ Barbara’s relationship with her daughter, which has been described as somewhat dysfunctional, is also well-documented, and this only adds to her fame.


Barbara’s relationship not only with her daughter but also with her ex-husband was the subject of controversy.

Barbara Ann Bregoli’s Age, Nationality, and Ethnicity

She was born in 1968 on 15th January, and as of 2024, she is 57 years old. She was born in 1968 to Frank Radford and Barbara Radford. She is American by birth because obviously she was born in America, but is also of mixed Irish-Norwegian descent.


Barbara Ann Bregoli’s Early Life and Family

She was featured in an article by the Palm Beach Post published on Mother’s Day 2009 that stated that she had been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Barbara Peskowitz was married to Ira Peskowitz for 16 years. Ira was a deputy sheriff in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Barbara Ann Bregoli’s Relationship with Her Daughter: Bhad Bhabie

Barbara Ann Bregoli, Danielle Bregoli’s mother, is a social media sensation because her video has gone viral. Danielle and her mother, Barbara, appeared on Dr. Phil’s show, where Danielle said, “Cash-me-outside, how about that?” This statement changed the lives of both; she became a social media sensation because of that.

The relationship between mother-daughter is usually good if they have a very close relationship, but Barbara and Danielle are the exact opposite, and this is also the reason for their popularity.

Most fans were curious about the relationship between Barbara Ann Bregoli’s daughter and herself after their spat in front of the camera. Bhad Bhabie said that she tried repeatedly to build a relationship with her mom, but to no avail. Instagram influencer Bhad Bhabie said that she tried to convince her mother to move in with her but was always rejected. Barbara Ann Bregoli, on the other hand, accused her daughter, among others, of stealing cars, using a knife publicly, and framing her for a crime.


Both have a strained relationship that is on and off; each accuses the other of various things, but Bhad Bhabie’s mother has defended her online.

Danielle also said she was Mama’s girl and had tattooed the name of her mother on her neck, and the relationship between mother-daughter has taken on a new direction.

If the relationship between them is positive, it will be great news for their fans. Her daughter is an Instagram sensation and a popular singer with over 16 million followers.

Barbara Ann Bregoli’s Career

Barbara Ann Bregoli is a social media star, but she has yet to establish herself in any professional field. She appeared in the Snapchat web series “Bringing Up Bhabie,” which debuted in 2019; the show is a look behind the scenes at Bhad Bhabie’s music and her daily routine. It follows her, her mother, and Frank, their bodyguard.

Barbara Ann Bregoli’s Net Worth

Bregoli’s net worth is currently over $1.5 Million, according to speculations from other sources, as this information is not confirmed.

Barbara Ann Bregoli became famous because of her daughter’s internet exploits; she became famous for her famous spat between mother and daughter on the Dr Phil Show. Her role in Bringing Up Bhabie and her appearance on the Dr. Phil Show has also kept her in constant limelight.

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Barbara Ann Bregoli On Instagram

Barbara Ann Bregoli spends more time on Instagram than any other social media platform. As of 2024, She has over 30k followers.

Mother Of 13-Year-Old Teen To Dr. Phil: Barbara Ann Bregoli’s Relationship with Her Daughter: Bhad Bhabie
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