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Who is Zoe Francois?

Zoe Francois is a celebrity American chef who has made an impact on the culinary scene. Zoe Francois is a prominent chef in the world of cooking education; she has mastered baking and cake making. Zoe’s career was quite different from many other celebrity chefs, who began with TV appearances before publishing cookbooks.


Her first success was her cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” which propelled her to the world of food TV.

Giada de Laurentiis, for example, titled her debut cookbook “Everyday Italian” after her TV program (via Food Network).


Richard Blais, following his win on “Top Chef: All-Stars,” secured a deal for a book (via Books About Food).

Zoe Francois is the opposite of Julia Child; the fame of her first book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” led the pioneer of food television to land her first show, “The French Chef,” back in 1963.

Julia Child did not have a way to promote herself like Francois. Francois thanked Instagram for her latest cookbook as well as her new TV program on the podcast “Inside Julia’s Kitchen.”

Her latest book is “Zo Bakes Cakes.” She ventured outside the popular “Bread in Five Minutes” cookbook series with Jeff Hertzberg.


Zoe Francois’ Age and Early Life

Zoe Francois will be 50 in 2024, based on her May 14, 1975, birthdate; she was born in America. She reportedly learned her culinary skills at the Culinary Institute of America.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she runs a successful catering business. She also has her own blog, ZoeBakes. In 1997, at the age of 22, she began baking.

Zoe is one of the best bakers in the world; she teaches others how to cook. Zoe, a young lady in good health and energy, is a very energetic person. Zoe is a specialist in frozen yogurt cake, and after years of hard work, she has established herself as one of the best pastry chefs.

Zoe Francois’ Education

Zoe’s education is not known, but she received her training at the Culinary Institute of America. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and actively manages her business; this shows her passion for the culinary arts.

Zoe Francois’ Personal Life, Relationship, and Husband

Zoe has a happy marriage with her husband Graham; the couple is blessed with two kids, but the names of the children are not revealed, but they are aged two and twelve respectively. Zoe feels blessed to have such a supportive family, husband, and kids who help her bake and sometimes appear in her interviews. On her 31st anniversary, she shared an Instagram post with the caption: “31 years ago, we became official. We’ve never stopped building things and having crazy hair together! From cookie carts to T-shirts, and most importantly, our incredible boys! You have always been my love and my life. Happy Anniversary G!”

Zoe Francois’ Physical Appearance

Zoe has a beautiful face; she still has a bright and healthy smile, even after years of stress at work and aging. She is 5’4″ or 163cm tall and weighs about 50kg or 100 lbs. She has a great fashion sense.

Zoe Francois and Andrew’s Help, Collaboration, and Influence

Zoe Francois would show up at the communal kitchen, but according to, her first job in the food industry was as an ice-cream cake baker in a Ben and Jerry’s in Burlington, Vermont. Francois, unhappy with her advertising agency job, enrolled in culinary college to pursue her passion for baking; she attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods” hired her shortly after as an assistant pastry cook.

Zoe posted a message on Her Instagram Feed and mentioned her journey with Andrew Zimmern. “Almost 30 Years ago I received a call from Andrew Zimmern while at the CIA Campus in Hyde Park NY that would forever change my life. @chefaz answered the phone and offered me a job as a pastry assistant at a Minneapolis restaurant. Five minutes later, I had a new job, and I realized that I was getting so much more. Andrew has been my friend, mentor, and boss, and he has always shown up when I needed him. In this month’s ZoeBakes newsletter “extras,” he is my guest and shares with us his WILD journey! Plus, he shares his favorite recipe.”

Zoe Francois’ Career

Zoe’s blog platform is called Zoe Bakes. In 1997, at the age of 22, she began baking. She is one the best bread bakers in the world. Zoe teaches other people interested in cooking; she is an energetic, healthy woman. 

Zoe began her cooking career as a frozen yogurt cake specialist. After all her hard work, she now holds the title of best pastry creator. Zoe has a good fan base on social media; her Instagram account has over 300k followers, and that number is constantly increasing.

Zoe Francois’ Blog

Zoe Francois’ blog, Zoe Bakes, is where she shares with home cooks her passion for baking and encourages them to try out new recipes. Her delicious creations and approachable style have made her popular among baking enthusiasts of every age. Zoe’s passion shines through everything she does; her dedication and resilience to helping people overcome their baking fears are inspiring.

Zoe’s blog, “Zoe Bakes,” is a great resource for chefs who are just starting out. Zoe’s blog, “Zoe Bakes,” was launched with the goal of demystifying cooking and empowering home cooks; she offers an abundance of recipes and advice. 

Zoe Francois’ Earnings and Net Worth

Zoe’s career as a pastry chef and culinary instructor has brought her fame and fortune. Zoe is a highly acclaimed Pastry Chef as well as an author of cooking books.

Zoe’s net worth is quite impressive; she has earned it through her many jobs. Zoe Francois, as an instructor, earns over $140,000 per year, and as a pastry cook, she makes even more. As of 2024, Zoe Francois’s net worth is valued at more than $2 Million.

Zoe Francois’s journey is one of passion, commitment, and sweet success. Zoe Francois’ influence on the culinary world is unmistakable, from her humble beginnings in the field of frozen yogurt cakes to her current status as a bread baker, educator, and celebrated bread maker. Zoe’s ability to balance a successful career with family life continues to inspire home cooks and aspiring chefs alike. She shares her culinary expertise with “Zoe Bakes,” and her legacy as an expert chef continues to grow.

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