Danny Mozes (Cynthia Nixon’s Ex): Wiki, Bio, Age, Nationality, Education, Physical Appearance, Height, Personal Life, Relationship with Cynthia Nixon, Career, Net Worth, And Trivia

Who is Danny Mozes?

Danny Mozes is an American photographer and educator. Danny Mozes is most famous as the former boyfriend of American actress Cynthia Nixon.


Danny Mozes’ Age and Nationality

Danny Mozes is a Gemini born in New York on June 13, 1995, he is a Christian. He was born in New York and has American citizenship; his interests include painting and horseback-riding.

Danny Mozes’ Education

Danny finished his high school education at a New York university and then pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography from an American institution.


Danny Mozes’ Physical Appearance and Height

Danny is 172cm tall (5 feet 8 inches) and weighs about 70kg. He has beautiful brown eyes and black hair. His body measurements are also 41-31-35, his shoe size is 8, and his biceps measure around 14.7 inches, which indicates that he is a muscular man.

Danny Mozes’ Personal Life and Relationship with Cynthia Nixon

Danny and Cynthia are friends who have been together since high school. Both went to neighboring colleges, Cynthia at Barnard College and Danny at Columbia University.

They never married, but their relationship started in 1988 and lasted until they split during the summer of 2003. According to the couple’s rep, they split up not due to infidelity or a third party but because they grew apart.

Cynthia began dating Christine Marinoni shortly after they split up, and she later married Christine in 2012. Marinoni is the first woman Cynthia has ever dated. The actress stated that she had never been with a woman.


Cynthia also has a son from her present marriage, Max Ellington Nixon Marinoni, in addition to her two children with Danny.

Danny and Cynthia are a great co-parenting team; they have a very strong relationship. 

Danny Mozes’ Career

Danny Mozes is a multi-talented person in the entertainment industry. He’s known as an actor and a photographer. He was credited in the 2005 movie Distortion and appeared in an episode of Intimate Portrait in 2002.

He has worked as a teacher, and in addition to his career as an actor and filmmaker, he was a teacher of English in New York’s Bronx.

Danny Mozes has a degree in Photography from an American University; he now runs his own studio and works independently. Danny was also a professor of English. There, he met his ex-girlfriend and began a relationship with her.

Cynthia Nixon, Danny’s former girlfriend, is also an American actress and activist. Cynthia started her acting career back in 1979. Sex and the City (1998)-2004 is her best-known performance. She won two Emmys for the HBO series; Cynthia was nominated five times and received two Emmys, as well as a Grammy and another Tony Award.

Danny Mozes’ Net Worth

Danny is a professional photographer who makes a living and has a name in the industry. His photographic skills have been demonstrated in several films and TV shows. Danny’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, but his salary has yet to be disclosed. Cynthia Nixon’s acting career has earned her an estimated net worth of over $30 million.

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Danny Mozes’ Trivia

  • Danny is an independent photographer who runs his own business.
  • He has also photographed many celebrities for a fashion magazine.
  • He was in a relationship with American actress Cynthia Nixon.
  • The couple ended their relationship in 2002/2003. 
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