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Who is Maralee Nichols?

Maralee is a fitness expert, personal trainer, and celebrity partner from Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. She is most well-known as the baby mama of Tristan Thompson, a professional basketball player.


He is the Sacramento Kings’ NBA representative. She became the talk in the town on December 2, 2021 after giving birth to her child, Angelou Kash Thompson.

Maralee Nichols’ Age

Maralee was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America in 1990. Nichols is 34 years old as of 2024.


Maralee Nichols’ Early Life

Maralee Nichols grew up in Houston, Texas, with her parents; she later moved to Los Angeles because of her career. Maralee Nichols is a very private person; she never revealed any details about her family, such as how many of them are still alive or how many siblings she has.

Nichols has been pursuing her fitness passion since a young age; she began working on her diet and body during her school years.

Maralee Nichols’ Education

Her father and mother raised her in Houston; she received her primary and secondary schooling in Houston, and she holds a bachelor’s degree from a private university. Maralee has even been certified as a personal trainer and fitness expert. She moved to Los Angeles in California, USA.

She began competing in bodybuilding contests after completing her studies and won many awards. Maralee, a fitness specialist, is extremely conscious of her physical appearance and health. Her brown eyes and dark hair give her a stunning appearance, but Nichols believes that being fit and healthy is more important than looking beautiful.


Maralee Nichols’ Personal Life

Maralee’s romantic relationship with Tristan Thompson is well-known, and this is also why she’s been a media sensation. She was allegedly dating Tristan while he was involved in another relationship with one of the Kardashians. 

Maralee, the fitness instructor, filed a case for child support against Tristan. In 2021, she gave birth to a boy named Angelou Kash; he was born in December.

Maralee Nichols’ Height and Weight

Maralee maintains a healthy body and has a tall, slim figure; she stands at 5 feet 7.5 inches. She keeps her body weight at 60kg by eating a healthy diet.

Maralee Nichols Law Suits Against Tristan

Maralee then sued Tristan to get child support after their son was delivered. In an interview, she stated that Tristan had filed a paternity suit in Texas after she filed her paternity suit in Los Angeles. You claim that she didn’t request child support until after the birth of their child. Tristan’s lawsuit against her was dismissed by the court on December 15, 2020.

Tristan sent Maralee a text message where he stated that he wouldn’t “be involved at all” with the child and that he would probably also retire from the NBA following the 2021-22 campaign, and it is unlikely that he will be able to offer a large sum of money. Several newspapers reported that Tristan offered Maralee $75,000 because he would soon retire, and it would be hard for him to pay anymore.

Maralee said that when asked about Tristan’s behavior, she chose to focus on being a good mother and doing the best she could for her son; she also added that she did not want any further media attention or a romantic relationship. She wants to raise her son in an environment that is safe, loving, healthy, and private.

Maralee Nichols’ Relationship, Boyfriend, Husband, and Child

Nichols and Tristan Thompson started their affair while Thompson was still committed to Khloe. 

When Thompson was accused of getting Nichols pregnant, he claimed that they only had sexual relations on his birthday, but Nichols stated the opposite. Their son Angelou Kash Thomson was born on December 2, 2021.

Tristan Thompson finally admitted to being the father of Maralee’s baby after months of denial, and He apologized via Instagram to Khloe Kardashian.

The NBA player, who is now over 30 years of age, has claimed that he, along with Maralee, are the parents of the child: “For all I have done, I accept full responsibility. “Now that paternity has been established, I am looking forward to raising our child in peace.”

He apologized to Nichols and Kardashian for the hurt he caused. “Khloe! You don’t deserve it.”

He wrote: “You don’t deserve the pain and humiliation that I have caused you.” He continued by saying that his actions “certainly haven’t lined up” with his personal opinion of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” “I have the deepest respect and love for your family. He said, “Regardless of what your opinion may be.” “I am so sorry.”

Many of us in one way or another are adamant about being a voice for what’s right from a religious standpoint or a fairness/justice standpoint. In my conversations with friends and acquaintances within my social circle over the last month, I’ve concluded that a large percentage of them prefer to go along with the flow and turn off what they perceive to be “wrong” that they encounter, rather than standing for the truth regardless of how they feel.

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Maralee Nichols’ Career

Maralee is most well-known for being a personal coach to her boyfriend, the famous basketball player Tristan Thompson. Nichols has been interested in fitness since childhood, and she has made her passion a full-time career and began working on her diet as early as she was able. Maralee began by competing in bikini and bodybuilding competitions.

Maralee began working out in her gym three times a week, but she started working out six days a week when she began to enjoy her job. She has been a fitness trainer for many years; she has opened up her social media accounts, where she posts videos and other content related to fitness for her followers.

Maralee Nichols’ Net Worth

Maralee Nichls’ net worth is expected to be over $2 million; she has accumulated her wealth through the adaptability and resilience that she has displayed in the various sectors where she has worked. She relies on the income she earns as a personal coach to support herself, and obviously, her wealth is expected to increase as her career develops.

Maralee Nichols’ Brand Endorsements

At the moment, we can not tell if this fitness expert endorses any specific products from several brands. She has given very positive reviews to @bombshellsportswear, a sportswear brand.

Maralee Nichols on Social Media: Instagram

Fitness expert Maralee Nichols has her own website, She offers Online Fitness Training and Nutrition Programs. She also has over 200k followers on her Instagram account, @maraleenichols. Maralee has a very active Instagram account, where she uploads photos and videos showing clients exercising.

She also shares pictures from her personal life, including photos of her and Tristan, her partner, as well as her two dogs. 

Instagram – maraleenichols

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Maralee Nichols’ Trivia

Nichols’ fans are curious to learn more about her life, so here is some trivia.

  • Nichols claims that Thompson offered her $75,000; this was after she got pregnant when he was still in a relationship with Khloe.
  • Maralee Nichols proved this in court by showing the text where the basketball player was asking her to terminate the pregnancy.
  • According to sources, Thompson told Nichols he would not be paying her any money because he was retiring from basketball after the current NBA season.
  • Tristan Thompson said that he also does not wish to be involved in the life of their child in any way, and he denied that he sent these messages.
  • Nichols sued him not only for child support but also to reimburse medical costs and pregnancy-related expenses.
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