Dylan Gonzalez: Wiki, Biography, Age, Early Life, Education, Family, Height, Weight, Personal Life, Boyfriends, Relationship, Career, Twin Sister, Music Career, Net Worth, And Trivia

Who is Dylan Gonzalez?

Dylan Gonzalez is an American sportswoman and basketball player who is also an artist, athlete, and activist. Her basketball skills and games are her most well-known attributes; many artists, including rapper Drake, have recognized and watched her basketball skills. She is tall and beautiful and tackles her opponents on the basketball court with incredible energy.


When she is on the court, she is a woman full of passion, but when she’s off the court, she is an artist with many artistic talents like singing and modeling.

Dylan Gonzalez’s Age, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Dylan Gonzalez was born in Overland Park, Kansas City, United States of America, on December 11, 1994; as of 2024, she is 30 years old. She is of Black ethnicity and American nationality. 


Dylan Gonzalez’s Early Life and Education

Dylan Gonzalez’s love for the six siblings she has in her family is what she has revealed more about herself. Since her school days, the girl with exceptional skills has been playing basketball; she made a presentation at her school as a basketballer for her team.

She completed her studies at Highland HS School and has played football for the school; she was ranked #85 out of 150 girls in the nation for her school team. Dakota Gonzalez, her twin sister, is also a basketball player for the UNLV Women Running Rebels.

Dylan played despite several injuries after completing school in her freshman year; she played well at UNLV and set many records, making her a top international woman basketball player. She won many trophies and medals during her university years. She first decided to apply to the University of Kansas, where her mother also played basketball, but she was denied admission to the University of Kansas due to her lower grades in high school. Instead, she decided to finish her graduation at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Dylan Gonzalez’ Family

Her parents are David Gonzalez and Angela Gonzalez.


She hasn’t mentioned the employment of her father; her mother, Angela, however, was also a basketballer and was recognized as an All-American honorable selection for Kansas in 1984.

Her mother had been recognized for her work before she started her professional career in Germany.

Her twin sister, who is also a basketballer, has played for both the University of Nevada and her high school. Her mother and father were both married before and had children from previous marriages. Dylan’s stepbrother, Conor Rauselbach, is a child of her mother’s previous marriage. Natalia and Javier, her step-siblings, were born out of her father’s second marriage.

After their marriage, David and Angela’s parents moved from Kansas to Colorado and had two more children, Stefan and Gabriella. In 1996, the family of Dylan relocated to Pocatello in Idaho after moving to Colorado, but Dylan lives in Las Vegas.

Dylan Gonzalez’s Height and Weight

She is a beautiful lady with a cool and amazing personality. Dylan Gonzalez stands at 6’0″ and weighs about 60 kilograms.

Dylan Gonzalez’s Personal Life, Boyfriend, and Relationship

Dylan Gonzalez, according to other sources, has had two previous relationships. She dated American basketball player Anthony Davis back in 2013 and also Australian basketball player Ben Simmons. Dylan has not revealed her recent relationship status publicly.

Dylan Gonzalez’s Career

In 2013, she became the McDonalds All-America nominated and received her first all-state awards in 2013 and 2014.

As a sophomore, she also received the title of solo all-area player of the year; this included appraisals for both volleyball and basketball.

She scored 10 points in her freshman year, which was 2013-2014. She was not included in the team when she began as a sophomore in 2014-2015; this was due to a change in rules. In 2015-2016, she broke the record for scoring 5.4 points per game and was ranked 6th in her team.

She also had 22 three-pointers in the season, which is the third-highest total on the team, and in four of her games, she reached double figures. In college, her highest career point was 14. She was praised for being a strong defender.

In 2016, Dylan and Dakota released tracks on SoundCloud and their first official song, Nobody Knows by the name Dyl-Kota, and this was the change in their career.

Dylan Gonzalez and Her Twin Sisters’ Music Career

Dylan and her twin sister Dakota changed their professional journey when they released Nobody Knows by Dyl Kota in 2016 through SoundCloud.

The NCAA, however, disapproved of their singing and forbade them from playing basketball.

In 2017, both twins announced they would be giving up their basketball career to pursue a music career; they changed their names later to Da D.

Dylan Gonzalez’s Net Worth

Dylan Gonzalez, the American celebrity, has achieved a great deal for herself. She made a lot of money as a basketballer and now makes money through her music.

She is estimated to have a net worth of approximately over $2 million.

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Dylan Gonzalez’s Trivia

  • Dylan’s verified Instagram account has over one million followers.
  • Dylan wears an engraved cross on her neck.
  • Dylan is very active on social media.
  • Dylan is a fan of wearing caps.
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