Johanna Leia (Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend): Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Height, Relationship, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth, And Trivia

Who is Johanna Leia?

Johanna Leia, an American businesswoman and former reality TV star, is a former model. She is known for being the former girlfriend of Canadian rapper Drake. Leia is best known as the mother of American basketball star Amari Bailey.


Johanna Leia’s Birthday and Age

Johanna Leia will be 42 in 2024, born February 19th, 1981, in the United States. Johanna Leia is her more popular name, but she was actually born Johanna Edelberg. Her mother is Joan Edelberg, but her father’s name is currently unknown to us.

Johanna Leia’s Childhood and Parents

Johanna Leia was born Johanna Edelberg, but now she goes by Johanna Leia. Joan Edelberg is her mother and a successful businesswoman; she worked as an estate broker, according to reports. Johanna Leia’s father is not well known, except for the fact that he was originally Sudanese.


Johanna Leia’s Family, Parents, Siblings and Ethnicity 

Johanna, according to our research, comes from a mixed ethnic background. She is a Christian, and we found out from her Instagram profile that her mother, ‘Joan Edelberg (also known by the name Joan Leslie), is an entrepreneur.

Her mother also posted many pictures of Johanna and her kids on social media. Leia, however, does not provide any information about her father.

Johanna Leia’s Height

Johanna Leia is 5’10” (178 cm, or 1.78 meters) tall. She is taller than the average American woman, who stands at 5 feet 4 inches. It allowed her to be a basketball player at one point and then go into modeling.

She is also a social media influencer from the African-American community and has a slim build. She weighs about 60 kg (132 lbs). Her waist and hips measurements are 28-40 inches, while her US shoe size is 7. Johanna has brown eyes and black hair.


Johanna Leia on “Bringing Up Ballers”

Johanna Leia is also popular because of her appearance in the “Bringing Up Ballers” reality television series. The show looks at the lives of Chicago businesswomen who are also mothers of young basketball players. In 2017, “Bringing Up Ballers”, a Lifetime cable channel show, aired.

Johanna Leia’s Marriage and Wedding

The reality TV star and former model has never married. She has two children with her former relationship with Aaron Bailey, a former NFL player.

Johanna Leia as Amari Bailey’s Mom

Johanna Leia became Amari Bailey’s mom 19 years ago when she gave birth to him on February 17th, 2004; she gave birth to her son in Chicago, Illinois, when she was 23.

Johanna’s child resulted from a relationship she had with Aaron Bailey, a former NFL player. They had a short-lived relationship and had a child before the relationship ended. Even though some reports claimed the two were once married, there are no indications that this is true.

Amari and his mother have always been very close; this is especially true because she raised him as an only parent. After her relationship with his dad ended, she moved to Los Angeles, where she raised him and encouraged him to participate in sports.

Johanna Leia, who was a basketball star herself as a child, became the first unofficial coach of her son. She played a major role in her son’s success. He first played basketball at Sierra Canyon High School before moving on to the University of California Los Angeles, where he pursued his college career. The Charlotte Hornets chose him in the NBA Draft of 2023.

Johanna Leia and Drake’s Relationship   

According to DNB Stories Africa, Johanna Leia dated Drake briefly in 2021. According to what is known, the relationship did not even last a year. It is unknown how long their relationship lasted, but according to sources, Drake and Johanna Leia began their relationship around July 2021, and by October 2021, the relationship had already ended.

Johanna Leia’s New boyfriend

In March 2022, reports surfaced that Johanna Leia had begun dating Ja Morant (real name Temetrius Jamel), a 22-year-old basketball player. The relationship has not been confirmed, as neither side addressed the reports. Johanna Leia’s reported relationship with Ja Morant, 22, has fuelled speculation that Johanna Leia prefers younger men.

Johanna Leia has two children, Amari Bailey (18 years old) and Savanna “Savvy” Bailey (7 years old). Amari Bailey, Johanna Leia’s son, is a high school basketball star. Savvy is still a young girl, and there is little information about her in the media.

Johanna Leia’s Modeling Career, Professions and Business

Leia began her career in fashion modeling. According to some media reports, she was a freelancer model for quite a while. She signed modeling contracts with many fashion agencies.

According to sources, Johanna Leia was also employed by Ford and Wilhelmina Models. She has worked as a fashion model for many well-known brands. Johanna models mainly for swimwear companies, such as IconSwim and others.

Johanna Leia’s Net Worth

Johanna Leia has a net worth of over $5 million as of 2024. She has made her fortune through the various things she’s been involved in. She made her fortune through her career both as a social media influencer and model, and she has worked for Ford and other famous brands; this helped her to become a model.

She has also been able to increase her earnings through the management firm she founded. She has also made a lot of money as a reality television star. She hasn’t revealed how much she earned for her involvement in Bringing Up Ballers, but it is believed that the figures were high.

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Johanna Leia’ Trivia

  • She has watched all of Amari Bailey’s live basketball games.
  • She’s also a popular Instagram celebrity and has more than 300K (as of June 2023).
  • Leia’s first Instagram post was posted on May 21st, 2015.
  • Johanna has also tattooed her hands.
  • She has worked with brands such as Fashion Nova, Icon Swim, and others.
  • She has worked as a model for countless magazine and calendar shoots.
  • Johanna also appeared on the covers of many magazines, including Endee Online and others.
  • She has many connections with Hollywood and popular singers.
  • She spends her spare time with her dog.
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