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Who is Larry Mazza

Larry Mazza is a former gangster who became a hitman and was imprisoned for 10 years, later becoming a gym instructor and actor. He was a mobster but now lives a normal, peaceful life. The actor is known for his acting abilities and life experiences. He has appeared in movies such as I Married a Mobster (2011), Gotti: Godfather and Son (2018), and The Irishman (2019).


Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and others are among his friends. He has also written a book based on real-life experiences; he was involved in the Colombo Wars that affected Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn and did some things he wasn’t proud of.

Larry Mazza’s Age, Parents, and Siblings

Mazza is 63 as of 2024; he was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1961. Lawrence Sr. was a fireman and FDNY lieutenant, and Joan, a financial advisor, raised him in a relatively average home. 


Larry Mazza’s Early Life

Larry Mazza, a college student, was also a grocery delivery boy.

Larry Mazza began a relationship with Linda Schiro; he discovered that she was the wife of Gregory “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa, a top-ranking boss of the Colombo Crime Family. Scarpa hired him, and he became his devoted follower.

His gangster career ended after he was shot in the eye region; Mazza later became a successful actor after ten years of prison.

He also wrote a book about his life entitled “The Life: a Brooklyn Boy is Seduced into the Dark World of Mafia.”


Larry Mazza’s Education

He completed his education at a Catholic School in his hometown before enrolling in the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of New York, where he completed his criminal studies.

Larry Mazza’s Physical Appearance and Heights

He is 5’10” tall and weighs 62kg, which puts him in the bantamweight category. He has a reach of 1,78 meters, which he uses to knock out his opponents with powerful punches.

Larry Mazza’s Relationship and Wife

Linda was, as many know, the first wife of Larry Mazza; he then began dating Christine, the hairdresser that he had met in a salon.

Larry and Christain were married in 1991 after Linda divorced Larry. Lawrence Mazza II, the couple’s child.

After he was released, he divorced Christain, and he met Kelly Guion after a few months, and they married in 2012.

Larry Mazza’s Life Story: The Dark World of Mafia

The romance with the wife of the mafia chief led to his becoming a hitman.

Mazza, a 17-year-old college student, was working as a deliverer in Brooklyn’s Danza’s grocery store in 1978 when he encountered Linda Schiro, a woman of elegance in her 30s. After he had delivered her groceries, he offered her soft drinks.

Schiro asked him unintentionally one day if he was going to play around. Mazza told the New York Post later that he found her question insulting because he had never met a girl who was so forward. Schiro laughed and said, “Of course, I joke around. What do you think? I’m gay?” Schiro, according to him, then asked him if he wanted to meet later. Mazza was attracted to her immediately when she returned the next night.

She was wearing a black one-piece jumpsuit; she had very Italian-looking eyes; she placed a bottle of wine and M&Ms on the table, and we drank a few glasses. He revealed to The New York Post that the next thing he knew, we were hot and heavy on the couch.

Mazza knew very little about Schiro or her marriage; she was married to Gregory “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa, who is one of the leaders of the Colombo Crime Family. Scarpa, who was a capo for the Colombo crime family during his murderous tenure, reportedly boasted about having “stopped counting” after killing 50 people.

Schiro, Scarpa’s spouse, was also the mother to his son Greg Jr. and his confidante. He talked with her about Colombo’s strategies, and Mazza’s newly discovered girlfriend insisted that she introduce him to Scarpa. “She said he can do many things for you.” Schiro told him, “I want you to succeed.” Schiro introduced him to Scarpa and eventually to the world of gangsters.

Scarpa informed Mazza that he was the owner of a company that supplied fire extinguishers. Scarpa got him a sales job, and Mazza’s new job was successful for a time, but the business collapsed, and he found himself in limbo. Schiro suggested that her husband should get him into the number business; he was then hired as a debt collection agent at a racetrack; he would collect slips from players who put down $1 to win $500. The daily drawings were based on the racetrack results; he rose quickly to enforcer status, forcing people to pay their debts and stores that installed lottery machines were punished. Mazza stated that one store had a truck driven right through the front of their shop, while another received visits from them; the lessons ended up turning into murders; he explained that he started murdering by taking baby steps. Later, he then viciously beat Scarpa’s livery vehicle driver for trying to make out with Schiro’s 14-year-old daughter while he was taking him to Prospect Park rather than school.

Mazza and Schiro’s affair continued; the affair lasted for ten years, and Scarpa even gave his approval.

Mazza, who admitted to being involved in the assaults and bashings, claimed that he “wonderfully rose in the Colombo Family as a soldier.” In 1991, two groups of the Colombo clan split up and went to war; this meant that they would “kill or die.” The fight was between Victor Orena, the underboss, and Carmine Persico, who was in prison.

Scarpa, who had been loyal to Persico for a long time, and Mazza, as well as Mazza’s close friend Jimmy Delmastro, went on a mission to kill any Orena Loyalists they could find. Mazza claimed that he had woken up every morning for eight months to look for people to assassinate. Scarpa and his crew killed no one, but just a few weeks before Christmas in 1991, they brought down Vinnie Fusaro, a prominent Oreno supporter. Vinnie was in his driveway, hanging Christmas lights on the garage, and Scarpa shot him right behind the ear with his Army type of rifle, an M52. Mazza stated that Scarpa had shot Vinnie twice more, both in the neck as well as the body.

Nicholas “Nicky Black,” one of Orena’s top lieutenants, was also brutally murdered. The crew picked up Grancio’s Toyota Land Cruiser on Avenue U in Brooklyn. Mazza confirmed that Grancio and his nephew were in the car; the crew was in a sedan with a large walkie-talkie, coffee cups, and a blue siren. Mazza thought Grancio didn’t notice them because he believed it was the law.

Mazza stole the shotgun from a police vehicle in Lakewood, New Jersey. Mazza claimed that when Scarpa told him to grab Grancio, he had opened his window and taken out a shotgun. “So I pulled out my shotgun and opened my window. I was so close I could have hit him. I shot right behind his ear. I saw the whole of his face, including his nose and his cheeks, fly off. It hit the windshield. “It was terrifying.”

Mazza’s mobster career came to a close when he was hit in the eye; he was then apprehended by authorities in Florida, where he sought refuge. By the end of Mazza’s mobster career, he had been involved in over 25 murder plots, of which four he was directly responsible.

Scarpa, known as “Grim Reaper,” is also known as “Mad Hatter.” It’s believed that he killed around 120 people before his death in the year 1994. He contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion to treat a bleeding wound despite insisting that his crew’s blood be used; he was infected by a contaminated steroid syringe.

Scarpa was an FBI agent from 1980 to 1990 when he was still a Mafia criminal boss.

Mazza was shocked to hear of Scarpa’s passing; he was in prison at the time. Mazza, who had been loyal to Scarpa over the years, was confused when he discovered his double life. He spent almost 10 years in prison.

Larry Mazza’s Career as an Actor and Author

Larry Mazza’s “The Life: a Brooklyn Boy is Seduced into the Mafia’s Dark World” is about a teenage boy who dreams of an amazing future but is seduced by a woman with more experience; the mafia’s “Cosa Nostra” is finally brought to life. Mazza mentions assassinating Colombo Crime Family Member Nicholas “Nicky Black” Grancio near Scarpa in his account.

He added, “I was a criminal and a prominent participant in this ‘big mafia war’. I had recently killed a key opposing figure, the conflict’s main casualty to date.” He wrote a journal while incarcerated, and this diary was later published in 2001. The book was finally delivered on December 29, 2016. Larry Mazza, the expert and entertainer, appears in Mafia movies and auditions to work with crowds.

In 2019, he played a role in the Mafia movie “The Irishman” starring Robert De Niro, directed by Martin Scorsese. Mazza also played a specialist counselor in the movie. He was also a fan of both the TV series “I Married a Mobster” (2011) and the narrative series I Married a Mobster (2018).

Larry Mazza’s Net Worth

He is now recognized as a fitness guru and gym trainer. Larry Mazza has made a lot of money writing a book about his life, and his net worth is over $10 million.

Where is Larry Mazza now?

Mazza lived in Florida as of 2012 and earned a living working as a personal fitness trainer, according to Daily Mail Online. He left the witness protection program because he was no longer afraid that the mob might come after him. Mazza stated that people thought I would have become a fire chief or captain if I had followed my father.

Mazza has become a consultant actor, spending his time discussing his experiences in Mafia-related documentaries or submitting applications for mob roles.

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Larry Mazza Trivia

  • He is from Brooklyn.
  • His father was a firefighter.
  • He studied at a Catholic School in Brooklyn before enrolling in John Jay College for a criminal justice degree.
Larry Mazza on Having an Affair with Wife of the Mob’s “Grim Reaper”
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