How and why you should Keep Your Personal Life Private

In modern times, it seems impossible to keep your personal life private. We are compelled to be oversharing and share every aspect of our lives with our friends and on social media; this includes the foods we consume, our relationships and achievements, items, whereabouts, and feelings.


But what if you do not wish to share your private life with strangers or friends via the internet or in face-to-face conversations? Are you likely to miss opportunities or lose value?

A private life leads to a blissful life, Seriously. The more I grow older, the more I’m able to appreciate the value of privacy without the guilt I feel about implementing it.


Private life is blissful because the respect you place on your privacy grows, and the drama, bad stuff, and all you encounter immediately diminish.

The public display of dirty laundry on Twitter can cause people to criticize you, which could damage your self-esteem and confidence.

Make sure your private life is kept confidential and live your style of living, and participate with as much self-love as possible!

Why is a private life a happy life?

Recently, I came across a quote that was written:


Small circle

Private life

Happy heart

Clear mind

Peaceful life

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

I can see how all these things go hand in hand.

Why a private life is a happy life

A private life is blissful since it blocks out the background noise, the diverts, distractions, red herrings, and intrigues that are easy to become entangled in.

It helps you find greater peace as you concentrate more on your life. You will also find deeper connections to yourself.

Why You Should Keep Your Personal Life Private

You will be able to realize this when you begin to keep your business personal and become a private individual. Here are a few reasons to keep your private life in the shadows to lead a more enjoyable life.

You will not owe anyone any explanations

The public exposure of all your dramas and personal details about your life allows everyone to have a front-row view of your show and encourages them to voice their opinion. It becomes okay to ask more regarding your life when you’re the one who’s pushing your business’s details in their faces.

For instance, if you blog about your relationships for a long time, whenever things don’t go as planned, such as breaking up, for instance, you may feel that you have to give everyone who has entered your private life an explanation. This is why you will often encounter YouTube videos with titles such as “WE BROKE UP” or ‘GOING IN OUR SEPARATE WAYS.’

If you live a quiet life, however, you can keep your private life private and don’t think that you have to explain because they aren’t aware of what’s going on in your personal life.

Improved mental well-being

Public display and continuous utilization of social media can trigger feelings of unworthiness and unhappiness resulting from social rivalries that can impact your mental health negatively. You may be prone to stress, depression and anxiety as you feel you lack something or are not doing enough in your goals.

You may also be nervous when you write about your accomplishments, in fear of others’ opinions and whether they’ll be able to approve of your achievements. Are my achievements significant enough?

The reduction in anxiety and tension of waiting to be validated by others are just a few advantages of keeping your private life private and off social media. Private life is blissful because you don’t worry about what others think of your life or you since they aren’t aware of it.

In addition, by being a private person, you no longer need to pretend, where you would have been tempted to lie or be fake to seem like you are just as happy or successful as everyone else seems to be. You are completely free to be yourself without fear of being judged. It’s better to keep your personal life private to feel more secure.

For your career

Do you realize that approximately 70 per cent of employees look at potential applicants’ social media profiles to find out what kind of person they’re? Of those, 54% admit that they did not hire people based on the information they found in their profile.

Imagine if they tried to search your profile, and the only thing they could find was offensive images, the drama you’ve created or racist slurs, and sexually explicit jokes you made at some point.

Doing your laundry online on social platforms isn’t the best idea if you desire to appear more professional. It is recommended to keep your private life private in order to advance your career.

Personal Safety

If you’re still not sure that you need to keep your private life secret, security is an excellent reason to do so.

Have you ever heard of people who had cyberstalkers intrusion into their lives because of the information they shared on the internet? Making every aspect of your life accessible to the world, particularly your address and location, could be utilized against you, thus risking your security.

Knowing how to be a responsible digital person is essential because the internet is filled with people from every walk of life, and it is impossible to be sure who is watching or reading your posts. This is among the main reasons to protect your personal information, as by doing this, you can eliminate any threat to the security of your safety up to a certain point.

You should keep your personal life private: This is why

People can’t gossip about you.

If you’re putting everything out in the open for everyone, for the world to view, you will likely be involved in some drama.

If you’re dealing with an issue or problem, many people overestimate the significance of the issue.

We’re not going to sit and pretend that nobody ever picks up our ears to an interesting gossip story. However, you might be the subject of their distorted stories in the future. 

Do you truly believe that people will not be able to believe everything that is said in your area? They’re looking for things to say about you so that they can live with their own anxieties.

This won’t happen if you keep your private life personal, hidden from the eyes of the public. You won’t have tea to leak about you. Isn’t that what we’re all aiming to achieve in our lives?

You’re not seeking an endorsement from others.

Insecure people are always in need of validation from their peers. They constantly seek out others’ opinions and cannot continue their lives when someone says negative things or is in disagreement.

It’s probably because they’re extremely insecure when it comes to the choices they make, as well as their self-confidence.

People post their content on the internet to receive likes or positive feedback. However, their entire world goes down if they encounter an unwelcome critique.

A personal life can be peaceful since there’s no need to receive compliments from others. It’s not necessary for anyone to convince you that you’re living a wonderful life. They can’t also inform you that your situation is awful.

You live for yourself and the people closest to you. What’s the reason you’d need the approval of hundreds of people on Instagram, even if you’re just another person using the app? There’s nothing to gain from the compliments they give because they don’t even know you.

This isn’t the case with those you consider the closest to you. They’re part and parcel of your circle, and you’re always able to be sure of them. They’re always there for you.

You can build stronger relationships.

Another good reason to keep your personal life private is that it gives you the chance to concentrate on the most important things to you. If you are aware of the things that matter to you, you won’t let each Tom, John, and Harry to be granted access to it. instead, you value and appreciate the things that are dear to you.

For instance, certain details of your private life, like your relationship status, ought to be kept confidential and should not be divulged to anyone else, such as any disagreements or issues you might be facing, unless you are talking to an expert counselor, medical professional, or dearest friends. Private relationships help avoid unnecessary tension when things turn sour or go south, but having a private life doesn’t mean avoiding people or never speaking about or telling your feelings or feeling isolated; it is about deciding with care the details of your private lifestyle you’re willing to share with whom you choose to be open with.

Maintaining your private life as a secret lets you build stronger relationships with your family and friends. Family members and limit yourself to a tiny group of trusted friends to enter your life. It’s better to share your personal information and make connections with a small group of people who genuinely care rather than share the same information with a large crowd that doesn’t.

Moving on is so much easier.

This might convince you if you’re still contemplating how a private life could be a happy life.

Have you been forced to revisit your breakup because people in your face demand all the romantic details they could get from you? How many times did you have to hide from the curious stares as you stroll through the streets of your city by youself?

People are fond of putting themselves into situations that have nothing whatsoever to be associated with their own. Particularly when they can make a big deal of the situation.

Imagine how tranquil breaking up would be if you kept the whole relationship secret from the beginning. The people wouldn’t have a clue what to do when they found out you were in a relationship.

Recovering from heartbreak could be much more manageable; if you were able to not talk to anyone else besides the people you cherish the greatest in your life. They will always be there for you; however, those just looking to benefit from probing cannot offer anything positive during these difficult times.

Not everyone is your friend.

You can’t trust just anyone with information about your personal life. Some of your acquaintances could have malicious motives or be sources of gossip. Any information you divulge to them might end up in the hands of people you don’t want, so you must keep your private life private.

Certain things you should keep secret and avoid confiding in anyone you aren’t sure of are your relationship struggles, financial matters, family concerns, and your goals or hopes.

People trust you with their secrets.

If you recognize someone who enjoys the public’s attention, Do you reveal to them your secrets? Do you openly confide in them about your most intimate and darkest fears?

Of course not. They’ll probably tweet about it or even blab it out to anyone who lends them a listening ear.

You’ll be able to tell that your private life is pleasant when those around you trust you regarding what’s going on throughout their daily lives. They are aware that you will not reveal the details to anyone else and will do to maintain their trust.

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How to Keep Your Personal Life Private

Now you know the reason to keep your private life private but how can you live privately? Living a life of privacy isn’t easy; however, it is doable. This is how you can be an even more private person.

Resist the Urge to “Share” on Social Media

Stop! If you’re creating a Facebook Status update that starts with something like “I am so excited to go home to see my boyfriend” or “Last night was a blast,” please think about this before you publish. Are you really hoping that everyone following your status on Facebook will visit your wall and discover that you “stayed in” last night? I doubt it.

Set Boundaries

Being a private person doesn’t require you to share your personal life if it’s not something you want to. Therefore, stop being too nice, establish boundaries for what you’re willing to reveal about yourself, and tell your friends. If you’re asked to talk about something you’re uncomfortable discussing, Don’t be afraid to say NO. You can redirect conversations on your private life to different topics if you can.

Be a boring person 

Nobody will be interested in your company if it’s boring, at the very least, when dealing with nosy individuals. They aren’t going to want to ask questions or look into your personal life if they think that nothing exciting takes place or if you give them no answers.

Be the one to take the pictures instead of the one who’s in every picture.

This may sound ridiculous but hear me out.

Do you get in the frame when someone is taking a picture? Are you part of every group picture you see your friends post? You see that in these situations, people know a lot more about you than you want them to.

They are able to easily view your location, the friends in your group, and your position in the group. Don’t think everyone is unworthy, but you recognize that somebody could misuse that information.

Ways tp keep your personal life private

Don’t kiss and tell.

There’s nothing worse than when you deliberately out yourself and the people you’ve been with.

There is no way to say that a private life is a blissful one without reason. People believe in this because it makes them think of how easily things could be destroyed if they don’t stay quiet. 

This is what you’ll need to do regarding your date and people you’ve met in the past.

If you’re a person who is known to go out with friends frequently, and especially to spend an evening with your partner, you’ll need to keep things low-key. Do not just tell people because you’re looking to be praised. They don’t require it.

People will judge you for it and continue to be adamant about you for no other reason than their closed minds.

It’s impossible to expect everyone else to know everything.

In addition, people cannot wait to talk about it with their acquaintances. Your secrets are only secure with those whom you trust the most. This should be a small group of people.

Mind your own business.

Humans are naturally curious, and you’re not the only one, but nosiness goes both ways. If you are an avid snooper or your family members, other people whose business you stick your nose into will also feel entitled to peek into your personal life. Therefore, you must be aware of your business if you wish to remain private.

At first, mind your own business may sound harsh; however, it’s a kind reminder not to overstep your boundary or at least other people’s own.

It’s tempting to become involved with other people’s conversations and their lives and concerns, but involving yourself in other people’s business that doesn’t directly affect your life can be detrimental to those involved and your mental well-being. Being in control of your own affairs isn’t about avoiding responsibility or not paying attention to everything around you, but it’s about being aware of when to refrain from getting involved.

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Pick your friends wisely.

In the final analysis, a crucial thing can be learned from this whole article: choosing your friends carefully.

You are surrounded by a lot of people on a daily basis but the ones who are worth your time will prove they’re loyal on numerous occasions. They’ll always lend assistance whenever you require it.

You can choose people for different reasons. For instance, you might be surrounded by women who party all night long, and you will surely be having fun with them! However, if you are worried that they’ll use all they know about you, don’t be tempted to talk to them about something important.

In the final analysis, having a quiet life is a joyful one. Now, decide whom you would like to be around to avoid regretting it in the future.


While some people may be annoyed when they discover that you’re not willing to share your personal information and prefer to keep your personal life private, being a private person is perfectly acceptable. Your life is yours to manage, and only you can decide what aspects of you are willing to divulge to others.

As you will observe, there are many advantages to keeping your personal life private. It shields your loved ones and you from negative opinions and unnecessary drama that might result if you reveal your private life to everyone else’s business. Private life is a blissful one. Beginning today, you can make yourself more private to be more happy and more satisfied in your life!

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