Anwar Zayden: Wiki, Bio, Age, Early Life, Parents, Siblings, Education, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life, Relationship, Children, Cause of Death, And Trivia

Who is Anwar Zayden?

Anwar Zayden is an American actor, former bull rider, businessman, and social media personality from South Beach in Florida, was a former Bull Rider, American Actor, Social Media Personality, and Businessman. He became famous after playing a recurring role in Anthony Yerkovich’s TV series “Miami Vice.”


The show is a crime drama that airs on NBC. According to the source, this show ran between September 16, 1984, and January 25, 1990. Anwar also played the character Mendez, a drug dealer from Bolivia who worked in Miami.

Anwar Zayden’s Age, Early Life, Parent, and Siblings

Anwar Zayden, born in South Beach, Florida, on October 8, 1961, is a United States citizen. His parents were Lebanese who lived in Cuba. Alfredo, his father, was an import/export entrepreneur. His mother, Graciella, is the daughter of an influential construction magnate; he grew up with four siblings and a brother.


His father’s shop was destroyed by militants in 1958; they then moved to the United States. Anwar’s father began working for the Central Intelligence Agency, which required his family to move to other places; his family was in a poor financial situation during that period.

There are five of them: four sisters and one brother; their names are not listed on the Internet. Anwar’s maternal grandpa was a wealthy construction magnate.

Alfredo’s work took the family from country to country; they lived in Venezuela, Spain, and Puerto Rico. Zayden grew up in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.

Anwar Zayden’s Education

Anwar attended a United States Air Force Base School during his teenage years. When he turned 18, he returned to Miami and started living there. He has traveled the world for most of his life. Early years spent in cities like Barcelona and Madrid.


Anwar Zayden’s Career

Anwar, who was a professional bull rider at the time, earned cash and gained valuable knowledge that he then used to launch his own company.

Zayden’s outspokenness led to him being chosen to play a recurring role in “Miami Vice,” a popular TV show. He has also appeared in “El Viejo,” the third season of that series.

Anwar Zayden’s Net Worth

Anwar Zayden accumulated a net worth of more than $10 million during his lifetime. His acting and entrepreneurial ventures were the source of his huge earnings.

Anwar Zayden’s Personal Life, Relationship, and Children

Anwar died without children or a wife. He was reported to have been in love with supermodel Yolanda Forster for seven years. Yolanda Hadid was the mother of IMG models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. 

Anwar Zayden’s Cause Of Death and Obituary

Anwar Zayden died on May 19, 2020. He was a man of eccentricity and lived a life that had no bounds. The comment section of his social media was flooded with comments from all those who knew him. No official obituary has been published for him that we know about.

Even after Anwar died, his social media are still active. A moderator controls the posts. His Instagram, in particular, tried to give out all the details and the entire idea of the life he led.

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Anwar Zayden’s Trivia

  • Instagram has a page called “Legend of Anwar,” which has more than 11,000 followers.
  • His first job was to compete as a rodeo bull rider between Florida and Texas.
  • Artists usually make around $20,000 after one season.
  • He rented an apartment in Brickell for $600 per month.
  • Barbara Diprima, the casting director for the show, saw him drop off his girlfriend at an acting course.
  • Later, she asked him to audition.
  • He has also done advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein and other brands.
  • Zayden, his siblings, and their father also opened Art Express Kendall.
  • According to reports, the actor owns a two-story Mediterranean house on Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach, Florida.
  • The property was purchased in 1990 for $338,000 US dollars.
  • Zayden also owns two Range Rovers.
  • Anwar Zayden is a tall man standing 5ft 11in (180cm). He has a muscular body.
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