Meredith Masony: Wiki, Bio, Age, Early Life, Education, Family, Personal Life, Husband, Children, Blogging Journey, Career, Net Worth, And Trivia

Who is Meredith Masony? 

Meredith Masony is a popular Facebook personality; she is also a parenting blogger who runs the That’s Inappropriate page on Facebook, where she shares films about motherhood with her over 1.5 Million Facebook fans. She writes for a blog with the same name, covering topics like food, relationships, wellness, and parenting. Meredith lives with her family, including her husband and two children.


She’s always at the top of the social media trending list and is the focus of attention on the internet whenever a major social issue is raised. Meredith is a favorite among young mothers and newlyweds; she shares her knowledge of how to deal with toddlers and babies who are rebellious.

Meredith Masony’s Age

Meredith Masony is a US citizen born on September 5, 1980. She lived in Florida, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda.


Meredith Masony’s Early Life and Education

There is no information on her childhood, high school, or college, but she attended the University of South Florida, where she earned a history degree.

Meredith was an educator for the Florida Virtual School from March 2011 to October 2014. 

Meredith Masony’s Family

Meredith Masony never disclosed anything about her parents or siblings. If we receive any accurate information, we will update the info.

Meredith Masony’s Personal Life, Husband, and Children

Meredith is married to Dave; the couple have been together for over 15 years. Dave was her best friend and lover for a long time. She must be very happy to marry the love of her life, her best friend. She has three children from her marriage to Dave, and she lives in Florida with her children and husband.


Dave appears very rarely on her social media. Dave, who is often absent from Masony’s Instagram posts but captures the majority of her family moments, is, in fact, he is the man behind the camera, so Masony’s fans barely know him, as he is usually behind the camera.

Meredith Masony as a Wife and Mother

Masonry, no matter how crazy she has found motherhood to be, is proud of her three children: two sons and a daughter. On her social media, her love for her children is apparent, and according to her Instagram account, her oldest son, Matias, is a teenager and a student in high school.

Masony’s middle child, Brian Masony, crossed the fourth grade about 3 years ago. Masony posted a photo of Brian Masony with his A/B honor roll certificate for his outstanding performance in school on February 8, 2021.

Masony, who was proud of her moment as a mom, wrote in the caption that Brian had mild cerebral palsy when he was 18 months old. He was also prone to learning disabilities and autism, but this condition didn’t stop him from being his best self.

Meredith Masony’s Blogging Journey

Meredith was diagnosed at age 34 with a tumor in her stomach; the tumor gave her a fresh perspective on life.

She wrote on her blog about how the cancer diagnosis forced her to confront her mortality; this was when she came up with the idea for her blog. She wrote: “While sitting in bed crying a week before the surgery, I took inventory of my life. I married my soulmate and blessed with three children, but I had not left my mark on this world.”

She created her blog, That’s Inappropriate, in 2014, and it is where she shares her experiences as a parent. Her audiences were most receptive to the filterless truths of her journey, and this has led her community online to grow from a few hundred thousand people.

She has published books like Scoop the Poop, Ask Me What Is For Dinner Again, and Ask Me How to Parent.

She also co-hosts My Name is NOT Mom, along with Tiffany Jenkins and Dena Blizzard. The three often hit the road to tour the show across the country.

She must also have a substantial net worth, considering her online popularity and her on-demand tour.

Meredith Masony’s Career

Meredith is an entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman in her professional life. Meredith is a successful writer and a member of an online community that educates parents about raising their children. Her famous works include “Scoop The Poop,” “Ask Me What’s For Dinner One More Time,” and “Scoop The Poop.”

Her writings were published in The Huffington Post and PopSugar. Masony worked as a teacher for the Florida Virtual School; she was a teacher from 2011-2014. Her blog is where she shares her experiences and career progress.

Meredith Masony’s Net Worth

We don’t currently have any reliable information about her net worth. However, we estimate that it is more than $1 million.

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Meredith Masony Trivia

  • She has never disclosed any information about either her parents or siblings.
  • She has more than a million social media followers.
  • Meredith lives a luxurious life in Florida with her family.
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