Best Psychology Jokes That Will Certainly Make You Laugh

Psychology has always been a fascinating field; this is the case for professionals and people who are simply curious about what its secrets hold.


All the human mind and behavior talk makes it the perfect inspiration for clever remarks.

Today, we’re offering funny psychology jokes that will leave you laughing; it can be a great method to relax after a stressful and tiring day.


Jokes about psychiatry and psychological jokes are not just for mental health professionals and psychologists; with the appropriate amount of conditioning, anyone can be taught to appreciate them.

The Best Psychology Jokes

  • “How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one, but it is only possible if the light bulb wants to change, and it’ll need nine more sessions.”
  • “I went to the psychologist to treat my giant ego. I think it worked. I’m feeling much better than all of you today.”

These one-liners about psychology jokes will force you to examine yourself and increase your self-awareness. The act of reading these jokes rather than creating your own doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re Freud. Psychological research is the science of the brain and human behavior; in the last two decades, there has been an enormous change in our understanding of mental health issues and psychological disorders. Many psychologists want to change a person’s behavioral traits and make these people feel like they matter.

When more people know the definition of a healthy mental state, then the topic of psychology will be more commonplace in our society. These funny psychology jokes will ensure your understanding of psychology will not diminish in any way; this is a complete list of jokes about psychology. This humor in psychology will surely stimulate your brain and boost your sense of humor.

There’s no need to wait around to check out some of the most hilarious jokes about psychology because we have the top ones right here! This list has some fantastic Pavlov, reverse psychology, and psychiatrist jokes. These are the most hilarious psychology jokes that we could find.


Funny Psychology Jokes

  • “Why was the moralist not allowed inside the bar? He didn’t have a valid Id.”
  • “What did the behaviorist ask the other behaviorist when he bumped into him on the street? How am I performing today?”
  • “I got a degree in psychology and a degree in reverse psychology. I didn’t learn a thing.”
  • “What did the retired hippocampus tell all of his clients? Thank you for all of the memories.”
  • “Some people have discovered the hack of dating psychology majors because therapy is too expensive.”
  • “What is a boat full of psychiatrists labeled as? Freudian ship.”
  • “What did the employee say when his boss asked him if he should hire him as a reverse psychologist? I don’t think you should.”
  • “Why is there no point in going to a child psychologist? They’re too young.”
  • “What did the ghost say to its psychologist? I just feel like I really used to be somebody.”
  • “My therapist informed me that I was delusional. I took so much offense that I almost fell off my unicorn.”
  • “Why was the person with narcissism so secure in his relationship? He knew his wife loved him.”
  • “I take psychiatric medication. It doesn’t feel as bad as stealing it.”
  • “What did the broke rat write on his cardboard scrap? Don’t mind pressing a lever for food.”
  • “Have you heard of the new psychological therapy for trendy kids? Hipnosis.”
  • “Why did all the dogs start salivating when the ice cream truck passed by? It rang a bell.”
  • “A man engraving a psychotherapist’s tombstone broke down the word into three parts, with ‘the’ in the middle. Safe to say he was fired afterward.”
  • “What was the mercurial cow diagnosed with? A moo-od disorder.”
  • “What is the main difference between a sorcerer and an experimental psychologist? The sorcerer lures rabbits out of hats, and the psychologist takes habits out of rats.”
  • “Why was the polar bear worried after he visited the psychiatrist? He was diagnosed as bipolar.”
  • “What did the depressed statistician say when the psychologist asked if someone had been mean to him? I don’t remember, but probably.”
  • “I have an anxiety disorder. It means I panic when I do something out of order.”
  • “Why was the calendar depressed? Because its days were numbered.”

Best Psychologist Jokes

You can make use of the psychology jokes in class to impress your fellow students; this is a compilation of the best jokes of psychologists.

  • “How many psychologists do you need to change your lamp light? Just one. But the lamp should want to see the change in himself.”
  • “Why did the lying psychologist not want to go to the Jung convention? He was a Freud.”
  • A better-suited name for the placebo effect would be trick or treatment.”
  • “Why did the psychologist not meet the client who thought he was invisible? He didn’t have the time to see him.”
  • “What did the psychologist say to the man who felt misunderstood all the time? What are you trying to express?”
  • “How does a crazy person get to the woods? He takes the psychopath.”
  • “Why did the psychologist leave the math teacher? He had way too many problems that needed solving.”
  • “How did the husband try reverse psychology on his wife who thought she was always right? He left her.”
  • “My husband has a minor in psychology I guess you could say he’s a little psycho.”
  • “What did the author of the reverse psychology books request his readers to do? Not read the book.”
  • “What did the client tell the psychologist when she questioned him about his co-dependency issues? If that’s what you think, I agree.”
  • “What did the ghost tell the psychologist at his first therapy session? I used to know who I was, now I just feel like I’m drifting through life.”
  • “What did the psychologist tell the actor that impulsively performed his roles? I think you’re acting out.”
  • “What did the hypnotherapist say to the client that always whined about his age? If you want, we can go back 10 years.”
  • “What did the psychologist tell the patient who felt that everyone ignored him? Nothing, he was too busy taking a call.”
  • “What did the psychologist say to the patient who thought he was a church bell? If the feeling continues, ring me.”
  • “What did the patient say when the psychologist asked him how long he thought he was a dog? I’ve been thinking that from the time that I was a puppy.”
  • “Doctor, I feel like such a failure. Anyone who can pay my fees is certainly not a failure.”
  • “How many people with narcissism does it take to change to change a tire? You only need one. He’ll hold the tire, and the world will revolve around him.”
  • “How many psychologists does it take to change a tire? Only one, but the tire should have the motivation to change.”
  • “Did the psychologist finish writing his thesis on the psychology behind procrastination? He’ll do it tomorrow.”
  • “Why did the psychologist not believe in reverse psychology? He was a Freud of being fooled.”
  • “Why didn’t the psychology grad learn anything in college? He minored in reverse psychology.”

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Hilarious Psychology Major Jokes

Are you a student at a college who studies psychology? Then these jokes are for you! These funny jokes about topics in psychology will inspire you. If you’re in search of a joke about psychologists, you’re in luck because this list is also filled with them. Here are some of the most hilarious jokes for psychology that we have gathered specifically for you. We hope you can see the humor.

  • “What did the psychology major study in wizarding college? Defense against his dark concepts.”
  • “Why do horse psychology majors always end up performing better than the other animals? Their studying environment is a little more stable than the others’.”
  • “Why was the psychology major so stressed about his upcoming therapy session? He had to reach self-actualization before the session.”
  • “Why was the psychology major such a good musician? He was classically conditioned.”
  • “Why did the psychology major have a cast on his arm? He had suffered a Freudian slip.”
  • “Why wasn’t the psychologist able to study? His light bulb didn’t have many Wats-on it.”
  • “What did the psychology major say when he couldn’t lose weight even after behavior modification? I don’t think I can get any Skinner.”
  • “Why did the psychology major work in a theatre as a side job? He knew projection very well.”
  • “Why don’t you ever overhear a psychology major in the bathroom? Their ‘p’ is always silent.”
  • “What did the psychology major say when the psychologist asked him how long he had memory issues? From the time that I can remember.”
  • “Why did the psychology major drop out of the behaviorism class? The subject just wasn’t stimulating enough for him.”
  • “What did the psychology student do before his final presentation? He psyched himself up.”
  • “How many psychology students does it take to change a lightbulb? Let’s focus on you; how many do you think?”
  • “What does a psychologist say to a psychology major when he confronts him about his theory? The psychologist says that he has a lot of ego.”
  • “What does the psychologist say when a psychology major doesn’t pass his college course? He says, well, you should have read the cues.”
  • “A good psychologist once advised me to shut out all the negative people that remind me of my dark past and move on. It’s been more than a month since I’ve gone to him, and I am already starting to feel better.”

After reading through these hilarious jokes about psychology, we hope you laughed a lot. Cuz we did!

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