How to Use the Law of Assumption and Why it Works | How to Manifest Success in Your Life Through Positive Thinking

You may have wanted something so badly that you feel it was meant to be yours. The first step to manifesting is wanting something, but that alone won’t make it happen. The Law of Assumption can help you with your belief and take your manifesting abilities to the next step; you must learn how to use the Law of Assumption. It basically states that what you believe will become your reality.

When used correctly, the law of assumption can be a powerful tool for manifestation that can lead to healing and transformation; it can also change your life, but this law is often misunderstood.

You can achieve anything you want, even in 24 hours, by understanding and using the power of manifesting, which is intertwined between human psychology and the Law of Assumption, but first, what is the law of assumption?

What is The Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption is a technique for manifesting your desires. It states that what you “assume to be true” will become your reality.

The law of assumption means that you can make your desired outcome a reality if you act and believe as if it has already happened. It involves acting and feeling as if you’ve already achieved what you want.

According to the Law of Assumption, whatever you believe is true will become your reality. This implies that you can manifest any desire by thinking and feeling like you already have it.

You cannot simply say, “I presume ‘x’ will happen”. You must sincerely match the vibrational energies of the feeling and believe that your assumption is true. Goddard says that everything we see outside our consciousness is a reflection of our inner minds.

To change the world outside, you must first conquer your subconscious mind.

Who Is The Founder Of The Law Of Assumption?

This concept was derived by the American philosopher Neville Goddard. The law of assumption is similar to the law of attraction in that it requires you to dig deep into your subconscious beliefs.

Neville Goddard (1905-October 1, 1972) is the founder and proponent of the law of assumption; he is widely regarded as one of the greatest American mystics in history.

In his 15-year career, he published 15 books with the law of assumptions as the core thesis. He is best known for his books The Law Of Assumption and An Essential Lesson; he was well known for selling his books at lectures and for allowing students to record his talks for free.

Law Of Assumption Vs. Law Of Attraction

The law of Attraction overlaps with the Law of Assumption; both are taught to be a mirror, where you only get what you can give.

The Law of Attraction, however, places more importance on sending out what you want to receive back. The Law of Assumption is more focused on aligning your feelings and beliefs about reality with what you want it to be.

Many people overlook this second Law, thinking that they only need to act in the right manner to achieve their goals.

Those who are familiar with the Law of Assumption know that if you don’t believe that what you’re attempting to manifest is already your reality, you will be blocking your own potential for manifestation.

The two Laws work together to help you achieve your goals. The Law of Attraction, as well as the Law of Assumption, help you align your energy with the life that you want to create.

The Law of Assumption?

For you to fully understand the Law of Assumption, you need to grasp a crucial concept: consciousness.

Consciousness doesn’t just mean being awake or alert; it is the reality that underpins your existence. It is where your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are located; consciousness is the state of awareness that determines your beliefs in the context of the Law of Assumption:

  • Your assumptions and consciousness are linked.
  • They constantly interact and influence one another.
  • Imagine consciousness as an ocean and assumptions as the currents that flow through it.
  • The currents that you experience determine the trajectory of your life.
  • Your consciousness shapes assumptions.

Two main parts make up your mind:

  • The conscious
  • The subconscious

It is where you can make conscious decisions, think, and be aware of your thoughts; you can form new assumptions in the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, works below your conscious awareness. It stores all of your past experiences, beliefs, and assumptions.

Imagine your subconscious as a garden:

  • Your assumptions are the seeds that you plant there. 
  • They mature into plants and trees, which represent your life experiences.
  • Selecting and planting these seeds is the conscious mind.
  • You can change your life by adopting positive assumptions consciously and integrating them into your subconscious.

How to Use The Law of Assumption

Identify your current assumptions.

Introspection is the first step; take some time to examine your assumptions about yourself, others, and the world.

  • Are they positive or negative assumptions? 
  • Do they serve you or hinder your growth?

This step is crucial because it sets the stage for your journey using the Law of Assumption.

You can challenge your negative or limiting assumptions.

After identifying your assumptions, you can challenge those that are negative or limiting.

  • Ask yourself if these assumptions are true or merely based on fear.
  • It is essential to challenge these assumptions in order to break free of their restrictions.

Decide what you want.

Clarity about what you want is powerful. 

  • How can you achieve this ‘perfect’ life that you have imagined? What were the steps to take? 
  • What are you really looking for?

You will start to create subconscious mind maps towards creating your desired reality once you have made a decision.

Write down what you want to manifest. Include as many details as possible so you can visualize it clearly in your head; you will find it easier to match your vibration with what you want if you are more specific.

You’re giving the subconscious mind new directions and a place to focus its energy by making this decision.

Commit to your Decision

Commit yourself to your decision. You can’t use the law of assumptions if you still hear negative thoughts in your mind like “this won’t happen” or “I am kidding myself.”

You must believe that your assumption will come true.

It may seem difficult at first, but as you become more aware of your subconscious programming, you will be able to overcome it.

If you are struggling to believe this, techniques such as breathwork, meditation, or positive affirmations can help.

Imagine yourself already having it.

Visualization can be a powerful tool to reinforce optimistic assumptions. 

  • Imagine the world you want to create.
  • Imagine your ideal reality in detail and then feel the emotions that go with it. 

It will help you to align your feelings, thoughts, and actions towards your goal.

If you are new to visualization, you can start by asking yourself these questions. Then, close your eyes and visualize the answer as if it were a mental picture. Imagine seeing the scene for yourself.

  • Why am I interested in it?
  • What will be the impact on my life?
  • What am I looking for from this goal?
  • What is the benefit to me?
  • What will I feel when I see it?

Assume it is true.

As soon as you make a decision, commit to it, and visualize it, you can align your vibrations with it; assume your desire is already true.

You’re creating a map for your subconscious; you can physically manifest your desires if you project your reality.

If you feel doubt or fear creeping in, this is a sign that your subconscious needs to be reprogrammed.

Immerse yourself in the feeling of achieving your desire.

Immerse yourself into the belief that you already possess what you want. This will help you to vibrate with the feeling you want to achieve and train your subconscious mind to feel happiness and abundance.

Your brain chemistry will be affected by your inner feelings; you are not vibrating with the feeling of your desired reality if you feel depressed or afraid at the same moment.

It’s important to imagine the happiness and abundance you would feel if your goals were already achieved. You can use your imagination to make your dreams come true in the most vivid way possible. Imagine how you would feel if you had what you desire and stay in that state for as long as possible.

Use Affirmations

Positive affirmations help you to reinforce your positive assumptions and achieve positive results.

Repetition of affirmations you can trust daily that align with what you want to achieve is the best way to shift into positive thinking. Positive affirmations will help you to increase your feeling of desire.

If your goal is to achieve financial success, for example, you might affirm: “I am successful, I am financially wealthy.”

Practice Patience

It is important to remember that manifestation can happen instantly, but it may also take time, depending on how you change your beliefs.

Your assumptions and reality may not match up immediately; be patient and have faith in the process.

Hold on to the new assumptions you’ve made, even if they don’t seem to be reflected in your current reality.

Stay Consistent

Consistency in manifestation is essential. Continue to affirm your new assumptions and visualize your desired reality; you’ll get results faster if you follow these steps consistently.

Celebrate your Success

Celebrate your progress, no matter how minor. You will feel better and strengthen your belief in your ability to manifest and the Law of Assumption.

It’s the same as learning any other skill; it requires practice and patience. With persistence, you can harness assumption’s power to create a world that resonates with what you want.

Law of Assumption Examples in the Real World

You will learn how to work with the Law of Assumption by following these steps.

What am I looking for?

  • One day, I would like to be married and have children.
  • I would like to purchase a large home for my family so that we can live there happily for the rest of our lives together.

What would it feel like to own it?

  • I’ll feel happier if I have a strong relationship with my spouse.
  • I will be more generous [always speak in positive terms and never negative].
  • I will be loved, valued, and cherished.
  • Spending time with those I love and sharing my time will bring me happiness.
  • I am excited about all the amazing things that I can do with my partner.

Assume success and acknowledge it.

To manifest a loving relationship:

  • My partner is tall and tender; it is a healthy relationship.
  • I must put myself out there to meet people.
  • I will start going on dates. This gets me closer to attracting the circumstances, synchronicities, and opportunities that I require to find my life partner.

The Law of Assumption and quantum physics are in surprising alignment.

Quantum physics

The observer effect is a fundamental principle of quantum physics that states observation can change the subject being observed. The Law of Assumption is similar in that your conscious observation of a situation or your assumption can influence the outcome.

The placebo effect

The Law of Assumption is powerfully demonstrated by the placebo effect. Patients are sometimes given a placebo in medical trials – a pill or treatment that is devoid of any active ingredients.

Patients often show remarkable improvement, even if they haven’t received any real medicine.

They believe they will receive a healing treatment, and this leads to real physical changes; this is clear proof that our assumptions are able to manifest into physical reality.

Many people have changed their lives by using the Law of Assumption; these real-life examples show the power of assumption.

The Law of Assumption – Does it Really Work?

The Law of Attraction is real; there are two important elements that you need to nail. It won’t work without them.

Persistence and Resilience

It is not instantaneous, but the Law of Assumption does work. It’s important to practice it consistently and do it correctly. This is where the majority of people fail and miss the wealth that the law can bring into their lives.

Your mind can be a Great Trickster; every day, it will try to convince you to delay your goals, and that’s why you need to be a master of it and train your mind.

The Law of Assumption will only work if you are persistent; this law is only permanent if you practice it consistently, so every day, set aside some time to reflect on your vision.

Take Action

Thoughts are energy, but if they’re not translated into action, the energy is lost.

Without action, results cannot be achieved; when you use the Law of Assumption, you must expose yourself to the circumstances, synchronicities, and other factors that will help your desires manifest.

When you interact with real life, assume that your goals are already achieved.

When you use the Law of Assumption, you’ll want to develop habits that will help you achieve your goals. It has been proven by science that it takes 90 days to develop a habit.

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Law of Assumption Affirmations

Affirmations work as powerful tools to reprogram your subconscious mind. Positive affirmations can help us change our attitudes and feelings about ourselves. Night-time affirmations are particularly effective because the subconscious is more open to suggestions just before we go to sleep. 

It is important to repeat affirmations with a focused, earnest thought. Imagine that you have already achieved what you’re affirming as if you were experiencing it right now. Imagine yourself achieving the thing that you wish to manifest; you are experiencing what you’re affirming; you are not an outside observer.

You will soon see that you can reshape the future to your liking.

  • My imagination creates my reality.
  • There’s nothing I can’t be, have or do.
  • I am winning.
  • I am manifesting my desires.
  • I feel healthy and strong.
  • I have unlimited financial resources.

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  • What I want, I get.
  • What I desire, I get.
  • What I think I manifest.
  • What I imagine I create.
  • The job I’ve always wanted is now mine.
  • I am manifesting my desires.
  • My destiny is determined by me alone.
  • I am persistent and focused.
  • I am grateful for my soulmate.
  • I am always rich; I have plenty of money.
  • I am thankful to be healthy and fit.
  • It is a great feeling to be working in the field I love and am qualified for.
  • Every day, I live my dream.


Our subconscious programming constantly influences our brains to make assumptions; these assumptions can determine our actions and form the basis for our beliefs. According to the law of assumptions, our consciousness is what determines our reality; however, the subconscious mind plays a major role in sabotaging our desires.

You may be living with self-limiting beliefs such as fear, anxiety, or depression. If so, your dominant assumption is that you can’t manifest your desired reality, and you must clear and correct these negative beliefs; after you have cleared your subconscious traumas and limiting beliefs, it’s time to apply the law of assumptions.

If You Master The Law of Assumption, You can Manifest Anything You Want In Life
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