Disagreement Without Hate

“Be careful not to dehumanize those you disagree with. In our self-righteousness, we can become the very things we criticize in others.” –Eugene Cho

Disagreement Without Hate

This quote made me question my assumptions and realize how simple it is to talk about a person or an entire group of individuals as if they are the enemy and not even humans. I know that failing to listen to the other side is wrong and I’m not claiming that listening to their argument will persuade you to change your mind; in fact, it’s possible that it won’t; they are, nevertheless, human beings, and something has affected and influenced them to believe in what they do.

Disagreement Is Unavoidable.

The conflict has become entangled from humans vs. viruses to people vs. people.

We should learn to remind ourselves how to love and respect everyone, including those we disagree with because it is too easy to “dehumanize” anyone who does not share our ideas.

It’s very acceptable to disagree on a topic. It is impossible to prevent it with billions of people on the planet. In truth, conflict is an important component of our society’s development. We get to improve our collective decision-making skills by solving difficulties that arise. When people start using their differences as an excuse to demean others, we end up causing more issues than we solved.

How Do We Respectfully Disagree And Address Others?

Pause And Listen

Nobody has ever formed an opinion without being impacted by something or someone, whether their upbringing, religion, culture, or studies on the subject; listen to what they have to say. WHAT MAKES THEM BELIEVE OR TAKE THEIR POINT OF VIEW? If you listen carefully, I guarantee that their goal might not be malicious and that they may have a legitimate reason for taking the position they do.

Understand And Sympathize

This includes people with whom you disagree; this includes individuals fighting for causes that are opposed to your own; this consists of those who do not hold the same beliefs as you.

Empaths are people who are acutely aware of others’ emotions and can even feel them. Empaths perceive the world differently from other people. They are very aware of other people’s emotions, pain points, and what they need. Sometimes, being an empath can seem overwhelming.

Empathy is the capacity to place yourself in someone else’s shoes, to look at things from their point of view, and to comprehend their thoughts. In reality, there are different levels of Empathy.

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You’ll likely gain their complete attention and your chance to share yours if and only if you’ve given the other person an opportunity to convey their point of view, why they think it, and how they came to that conclusion.

Hopefully, and occasionally, this discussion will help the two of you recognize that you don’t have opposed opinions on the ultimate result; you merely disagree on how to get there.

If you dig hard enough, you can find a heartbreaking viewpoint on either side of an issue. It isn’t all that difficult. I think so but it is important to note that an opinion is not always right because of the heartbreaking viewpoint.

We understand what is good and wrong. Let’s put this awareness into action, whether in the real world or online. Rise above the hatred culture.

How To have a Disagreement without Hate
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