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Who is Hannah Dasher?

Hannah Dasher is a country music singer who has become popular since the release of “The Tree.” Her debut single was featured in Billboard’s First Country article.

Hannah Dasher Age, Early Life, Family, and Twin Sister

She was born on March 17, 1989, although some sources claim that she was actually born in 1986. Dasher is the daughter of Bill Dasher and Angela Dasher, and Brittany is her twin sister. She was inspired to become a performer at age three after seeing singer-songwriter Alan Jackson in concert.


Hannah Dasher was raised in Savannah, Georgia as a child who grew up listening to country music from the 1990s. Alan Jackson was one of Hannah Dasher’s earliest influences to pursue a career in country music. In an interview with Country Swag, she called herself the youngest fan of the country singer.

She hated to read storybooks as a child but loved to flip through album covers, noting producers, songwriters, and, most importantly, lyrics. She was hooked on Jackson because of this. She thought Jackson was badass because the lyrics were so conversational. She had already seen Alan Jackson long before she was able to read; she was only 3 years old, and although she didn’t remember much about him, she did know that he had a pink shirt on and a pair of well-worn jeans and he also sipped out of a yellow Dixie Cup while performing.

When she was 14, her love of music became even more tangible when her father gave her her first Fender guitar; she was then exposed to rock’n’roll music, where she realized that women could also sing on stage. When her parents separated, she was really pushed and inspired to start writing songs.

Brittany is Hannah’s twin and works at Dasher Insurance Agency as a supervisor of commercial lines. Georgia Southern University has awarded Hannah a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.). Degree in Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management. Hannah Dasher grew up in Georgia with her twin sister, Angela Dasher, and her parents, Bill Dasher and Angela Dasher.


Hannah Dasher’s Education

Dasher graduated from high school and enrolled at The University of Georgia. In her first year of college, after her parents separated, Dasher discovered that music was a great way to release her pent-up emotions. A student recognized Dasher’s musical talent and suggested she seek a publishing contract; this experience inspired Dasher to take up music professionally.

Hannah Dasher’s Personal Life

Hannah is not married, based on the information we have about her personal life. Hannah has also never introduced her fans to a boyfriend or partner. Hannah has also not been spotted with any male figures who could be considered her boyfriend. We will update this info as soon as we get more details.

Hannah Dasher’s Career

Dasher moved to Nashville in 1989 after graduating from the College of Georgia. She lived in an attic on Melody Row; she was dismissed from Bass Pro Shops after five days of retailing motors and fishing boats for creating music on the job. To get her foot into the door for potential co-writers, she made it a priority to network; she also made a commitment to do at least five different activities each week on her two days off. She created t-shirts featuring lyrics from legendary singers like Conway Twitty as a discussion starter.

Dasher slowly gained popularity in the town; she was invited to writer’s nights and local shows like Whiskey Jam. Her peers also gave her the nickname Hannah Damn Dasher; she was able to capture the attention of audiences all over the country, earning her the opportunity to open for country legends such as Bocephus and The Cadillac Three. Dasher received her first publishing deal and her first formal writing credit for Brad Paisley’s “Go To Bed Early” when Sony Nashville hired her. Dasher began publishing her own tracks. In 2019, she released her first two singles – ‘The Tree,’ and Stoned Age.’

Hannah Dasher Songs Award

Dasher released a second song in 2020 called ‘Girls Call the Shots’ and then ‘Left Right’ in 2021; she also released a studio album in 2021 called The Half Record. Dasher’s financial limitations meant that she was only able to produce half of the album; she said in an interview that she heard the influence of 80s and 1990s music styles in her compositions. She believes that listeners of current country music can feel and hear the traditions of previous generations through her music.

Dasher has been named in CMT’s list of ‘Next Women of Country Artists’ for 2021; this includes potential new artists in the field of country music. She was named on Fender’s ‘2021 Next Artist’ list.

Hannah Dasher’s Net Worth

Hannah is a talented musician who is still trying to break through in her career; she is estimated to be worth over $500,000.

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Hannah Dasher Trivia

  • She has opened for Bocephus and The Cadillac Three.
  • Dasher has been named on CMT’s list of ‘Next Women of Country Artists’ in 2021, which includes potential future artists in the field of country music.
  • She also made Fender’s list of ‘2021’ Next Artists.
  • During the outbreak, Dasher created the TikTok series Stand By Your Pan; it became popular due to her funny cooking recipes. 
  • Dasher is a music lover and has been singing ever since he was young.
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