Dale Brisby: Wiki, Bio, Age, Early Life, Education, Height, Personal Life, Relationship, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, Social Media, And Trivia

Who is Dale Brisby?

Dale Brisby is an American-born athlete who happens to be a YouTube Vlogger. He is a popular bull rider with his own YouTube series, “Rodeo Time Inc.”


Dale Brisby is a Texas cowboy and rancher who is known for his humorous videos on YouTube and social media platforms. Although he claims to be the best bull rider in the world, there are few recordings of him on a bull. His YouTube channel had over 60 million views as of October 2021. Brisby and J. B. Mauney co-starred in the Netflix Original series “How to Be a Cowboy”, which premiered September 1, 2021. Cody Johnson (a country singer) and Granger Smith have both appeared in Brisby videos. Brisby was in Cody’s song “Cowboy Scale of 1-10” on Human: The Double Album.

Dale Brisby’s Age, Early Life, and Education

Brisby was born Clint Hopping on May 21, 1988. His father was both a rancher and a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Brisby’s younger brother, Leroy Gibbons, is often seen in his films ranching with him. Brisby has a sister who is in the Netflix Original Series Dancey Creel. He earned his master’s in agriculture at Texas A&M University in 2011.


Dale Brisby’s Height

Dale Brisby, the YouTuber, is 176 cm, or 1.76 m. He stands at 5 feet 8 inches. Dale is slim, with brown eyes and dark hair.

Dale Brisby’s Personal Life, Relationship, and Girlfriend

We speculated that Dale Brisby was single at the time this article was written due to the nature of his private life. Our sources have not been able to get any more information on this but will update this section once we receive that information.

Dale Brisby’s Career

Dale started his career in Agriculture and Ranching. In 1967, he was a Legendary Bull Rider for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. In May 2004, he was hired as the Ranch Manager of Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, Winnebago.

He worked as the Ranch Manager at Brightstar Ranch in May 2013. In July of the same year, Rodeo Time Inc., which sells cowboy shirts, hats, and caps, became his company. In September 2015, he was a Bovine Babysitter for Seedtex. He is also a YouTube vlogger.


Dale Brisby’s Net worth

Dale Brisby is worth over 500k. The American Rodeo has become a YouTube sensation, allowing him to earn a living through social media.

Dale Brisby on Social Media

Dale is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. He has over 700 thousand followers on Instagram, and in his bio, it says Your mother’s favourite rider. His Twitter account was created in April 2014, and he has over 35 thousand subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he uploads three to four videos a week for his fans.

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Dale Brisby’s Trivia

  • Dale Brisby, known for his cowboy persona, is a man of character.
  • His online presence was a major factor in his popularity, particularly on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.
  • Dale Brisby’s catchphrase, “Hoot and Holler,” is often used in his videos and merchandise. It has become synonymous with his persona.
  • He injects humor into his content to create a unique blend between comedy and cowboy cultures. His humorous take on the rodeo lifestyle has been well-received by a large audience.
  • Dale Brisby’s merchandise includes hats and shirts featuring his trademark catchphrases and brand.
  • Dale Brisby’s YouTube series “Rodeo Time” where shows behind-the-scenes looks at rodeos, interviews with cowboys, and funny sketches.
  • He is involved in charity work and supports causes such as rodeo, children’s health care, and the welfare of children.
  • Dale Brisby’s unique cowboy persona has been featured by various media outlets and has gained attention outside of the online community.
  • Dale Brisby is often associated with the beer Shiner Bock and incorporates this brand into his content.
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