The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret?

Many of us create an annual resolution for the new year at the start of each year. However, most of us don’t check all the boxes; in fact, some individuals don’t even begin. If you know this is you, good for you; you’re in no way lying to yourself at the very least. You realize that you’re in the process of making excuses, but you have the ability to improve and be more effective ~ Do Better, Be Better.


“We ALL must suffer from one of two kinds of pain… that is the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference between the two is that the pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons” – Jim Rohn

I am in love with this quote. This is what I was thinking about for my post today because I have been inconsistent in blogging since late last year.


What is Discipline?

Discipline is a set of guidelines for conduct or methods of training. It also refers to the practice of strengthening or self-control.

Discipline: What is it?

I encourage you to pay attention to these words: guidelines for behavior and self-control.

What is Pain?

A person, thing, or act that causes irritation, annoyance, or inconvenience or creates a complicated and difficult situation. Here’s a challenge for you to grasp the term ‘ inconvenience‘.

The Pain of Discipline or The Pain of Regret

The idea that we’ll all be suffering from pain is awful. If you consider the subject, you’ll find it relaxing. It’s liberating to acknowledge that pain is inevitable. The way I’ve described it isn’t only a physical feeling. It’s mental and emotional too.


Do you want to grind your teeth today and smile tomorrow, or relax today, only to regret tomorrow?

This is the one that you should consider if you want to be successful and live an exciting life as you age older.

Humans are likely to feel some form of pain in our lives; the pain you’ll feel will depend on your actions and your inaction today.

The pain of Discipline or Regret

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” – Richard Warren

Therefore, you’ll either have to deal with the hardship that comes with discipline or suffer the regret of your actions; however, whatever you choose will determine which you’ll feel in your life; this note today as I want that you make the correct decision in your life.

I am very eager to see you extremely happy with your life when you reflect on your choices from the past in your later age.

The Pain of Regret:

Regret is the ache of wishing one would have taken a different path earlier in their life because we cannot return to the past and make changes to events; dealing with regret can be difficult.

Regret is an entirely unimportant emotion.

You can spend a lot of time grieving the things you didn’t achieve or attain. Remorse doesn’t alter the result. Why waste your energy trying to bear the pain and burden of regret? When they are added together, they weigh a lot. This ton of suffering ends with a swinging tack toward the end of your career in the shape of regret.

  • You’re sorry for not being aware of possible things for you.
  • You regret not going after your dreams.
  • It is a shame that you didn’t give your all to your team.
  • You’re sorry for not going completely in.

The burden of regrets is immense; they’re the “what would you have done differently” questions you think about when reflecting on your work or past.

The process of dealing with regret:

If you’re feeling regret, it is important to find a way to move on quickly. If you continue to dwell on the regret, it is more likely to ruin your chances of achieving happiness. Each minute you think about things you cannot control, you’re not spending on actions within your control. Therefore, you should acknowledge that you’ve made a bad decision in the past. Then, let yourself go, concentrate on the near future and develop new plans, and then move on!

AVOID regret:

It brings us to a dilemma of either/or from Jim Rohn’s quote. The only way to stay clear of regret is to bear the discomfort of discipline. Making difficult choices today could result in less disappointment later on in the course of your life. It is possible to avoid the feeling of regret completely if you make a decision to discipline yourself now. The regret can be a heavy burden that stays in your memory. On the contrary, the painful experience of discipline comes as tiny pains that fade quickly.

The Pain of Discipline 

The pain of discipline is felt daily. It’s the reason it weighs just ounces.

  • It’s the sport of sprinting through the final 3 steps of a fitness drill.
  • It’s the habit of writing down your workout routine before you head to the gym.
  • It’s the method to develop the skills that will help you the most, not just the ones that provide the most enjoyment.
  • It’s the ability to show your support for your team and maintain a positive attitude even when you’re struggling with your practice.
Disciplin the pain

Every day, there are thousands of small events which call for discipline. Every moment, you can decide to discipline yourself now and accept a little bit of pain, or you can avoid this pain and put it off until the future. Each moment weighs small.

Discipline or Regret? – Make a New Habit

The pain of discipline is lesser than the pain that comes with regret. Keep in mind that discipline weighs ounces. Regret weighs tons.

Discipline delivers pain but with purpose.

You make yourself perform the actions you would rather not do. You wake up early to go for a run rather than continue sleeping. 

The pain of discipline is most certainly a better one than the pain of regret.

How to Discipline Yourself

How do you incorporate disciplining your daily habits to ensure that you avoid regrets later on in life? Try these suggestions:

Learn to recognize your weaknesses:

It is important to know your weaknesses and that we are all victims. If you are a victim, take steps to reduce them, warning yourself or staying clear of anything that could trigger the weakness.

Set goals:

Goals are the plans we make to accomplish within a set time. Your goals must be specific and feasible. If you decide to set a goal, be sure you establish an appropriate time frame to meet that objective.

One thing you need to be able to do is add some fun to whatever you’re working on. I’m a frequent participant in this. It is also necessary to have the ability to control your behavior when you’re working towards achieving an objective. You can achieve this with diligence and dedication.

Do not fall for the temptations:

There is a desire to be involved in or perform something you know you must avoid, no matter what it makes you want to do. You should not fulfill these desires.

You can avoid any form of temptation by staying away from their source. A popular saying declares, “Out of sightout of mind,” meaning you will soon forget the people or things not visible or in your presence.

The top-most point is that if you find that a social media application causes distraction, you should delete it, freeze, or restrict it, and likewise, if there are acquaintances who force you to spend a lot of money or lead a life of squandering, beware of these people.

Healthful living:

Health is wealth. A healthy person can perform their work efficiently. It is important to maintain your body and remain healthy every day. Living a healthy lifestyle is affordable; all you need is discipline. Consume healthy food, eat your meals early, and attempt to maintain a regular exercise program. A healthy diet of vegetables and plenty of fluids aid in boosting your body’s immune system. A regular checkup is advised to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Discipline yourself

Accept your mistakes:

The chance of making a mistake is almost inevitable. If you fail at any task, hurt someone else, or give into temptation, it is important to let yourself go and get over it. The best thing to do is tell yourself that nobody is immune to mistakes. If you’ve hurt loved ones, quickly apologize. If they’ve wronged you, accept their apology and get over it.

Say “yes” to new experiences:

Most people steer clear of experiencing new things due to being uncertain or fearful about the result. However, having the courage to take on anything and everything will lead to a happier life. The majority of people regret things they did not do as opposed to doing the things they did!

Go the Extra mile:

A lot of regrets come from wishing you tried harder in life. You could have studied more, exercised more, paid attention to your work or stopped being lazy, etc. The best way to stay clear of the pain of regret is by putting in the effort today.

Ask dumb questions TODAY: 

It’s scary, and it can be painful to ask stupid questions. It’s much better than making a mistake only to regret it afterward!

Save the additional cash TODAY:

The effort I put into saving money and investing at an early age is totally worth it. 

Complete a task before moving to another: 

When you commit to a project and complete it before moving on to the next one, it helps you not only get results but do it faster. Get rid of all distractions or other obligations which could interfere with your work or prevent you from keeping and reaching the goal you set in the specified time.

Give your best: 

Discipline yourself to be different and achieve a higher level of success.

Regret Quotes:

  • “Regret is a form of punishment itself” ~ Nouman Ali Khan. The emotion of regret can be enough to be a form of punishment for not making the right decision earlier in the course.
  • “Never regret. If it’s great, it’s fantastic. If it’s not, It’s the experience” ~ Victoria Holt. This is an extremely positive way of explaining previous experiences that you cannot ignore. As I’ve mentioned, there are always regrets in our lives that we would like to go back and improve upon; however, instead of being a victim of regret, try to think of it as an experience. This will allow you to avoid repeating past mistakes.
  • As you grow older, you’ll realize the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do” ~ Zachary Scott. As I’ve mentioned, getting the determination to say “Yes” and make the extra effort early on will help you avoid disappointment later in life.
Quotes on Regret

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Discipline Quotes:

  • “Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you going” ~ John C. Maxwell. Many people believe that motivation is the most important; it is important to find ways to get going and get up. However, motivation can be short-lived. It’s the discipline that really builds and creates a habit.
  • “Discipline yourself before you discipline others” ~ Unknown. It is crucial to be responsible for your discipline. Do not think about what others do; most of your regrets later in life stem from your actions.
  • “Happiness is dependent on self-control.” We are the most significant obstacle to our satisfaction. It’s much more easy to battle the world and other people than to fight ourselves, according to Dennis Prager. The inability to live your life with happiness is one of the most regrettable things that people face. Self-control can help you avoid this, make you happier, and, ultimately, be more successful!


If you don’t control yourself, live the life you want without self-control, spend money as you earn without any intention to save or put money aside in the future, and are distracted when you ought to be doing something productive, you are certain to lead a life of regret.

If your body is healthy, you’re working but making no plans for investments in the future; as you become weaker and older, which one and what will you be able to trust?

The pain of regret is one of the most painful pains you could imagine, and this is particularly so because, often, there isn’t a solution.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to experience discomfort from being disciplined rather than regret it.

You could look back on your work as a proud person because of the discipline you displayed to do the hard work. You could also think back and regret not having faced these challenges earlier when they were less severe.

The choice is yours. Do Better; Be Better.

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