Motivation : Be Inspired to Do Anything

High achievers are pushed by the motivation to “Do Better and Be Better.” What can you do to keep going when your heart isn’t in it? ReelNat suggests some simple strategies: Establish intrinsically rewarding goals and pursue them.


Motivation and ability are key ingredients to achieving results.

Motivation: What is it?

Motivation is the ability to initiate, guide, and maintain goal-oriented behavior. Motivation drives you to do something, be it eating food or learning new skills.


Motivation is the combination of biological, psychological, and cognitive forces that trigger behavior. It is the driving force behind all human actions.

What Is Motivation?

What are the motivations behind our actions? Different theories of motivation have been proposed by psychologists, including drive theory and instinct theory. There are many forces that direct and guide our motivations.

Types of Motivation

Different motivation types are often described as intrinsic or extrinsic.

  • External motivations(extrinsic) are the ones that come from outside the person and often include rewards like trophies or money.
  • Intrinsic motivations arise from within an individual. For example, solving a puzzle for personal satisfaction.

Uses of Motivation

Motivation is a driving force behind all human behavior. Understanding how it works and what factors can impact it can help you make better decisions.


Understanding motivation is key:

Effects of Motivation

To achieve such a goal, you must persevere through difficulties and have the endurance to continue to push on despite all odds.

Motivation can be described as activation, persistence, or intensity.

  • Activation is initiating a behavior such as enrolling for a new skill.
  • Persistence refers to the persistence of a goal despite obstacles. It takes a substantial investment of time, energy, and resources.
  • Intensity is evident in the effort and focus required to achieve a goal. One student may be able to do it easily, but another student will work hard, study regularly, take part in discussions, and make use of the research opportunities that are available outside of class. The first student may lack intensity, while the second will pursue their educational goals more intensely.

Each of these elements can have an impact on whether you reach your goal. For example, strong activation means you are more likely than others to get started on pursuing a goal. 

How to Find Motivation

Sometimes we all feel uninspired. It’s normal to feel uninspired at times. This list will help you get motivated.

1. Get started, and the motivation will follow you.

Yet, it’s true that it can work miracles.

Get Started and The Motivation Will Follow You

It doesn’t mean that you have to rationalize your actions or reason with your emotions all the time. Negative feelings can be dealt with later if you are ready. Instead, you can put aside negative emotions and START.

Mark Twain, the famous writer, once stated: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

2. Start small if big leads you to procrastinate.

Don’t procrastinate if a task or project seems too daunting.

Instead, you can break it down into smaller steps, such as setting up your blog and writing one article per day; this should not be too difficult. The most important thing is to get started and keep moving forward.

3. Connect to your value.

One way I motivate myself to work hard. It is part of my journey to becoming the person I want to become. After I decide to do something, it’s hard not to focus on how frustrating, difficult, or impossible it might be. I think more about how great it must feel or how proud I might feel for doing it. You can make hard work seem easy by connecting with your value. Example: I don’t “do a job.” I “master my craft.” I also don’t “get it done.” I “learn something new.”

4. Find your WHY.

Find a compelling purpose; this can be a short paragraph.

This helps me get back on track; you can make money your driving force; it’s enough to get the job done. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Create a Positive Environment

Music can be just as motivating as Motivational quotes.

Listen to a few upbeat songs every morning as you wake up. To get you moving, listen to motivational music. You can motivate yourself by getting in the right mindset.

Listening to my preferred playlist helps me get in the zone.

6. Shift to the past, present, or future.

Sometimes, you have to be right here, now. Sometimes the right here, right then, is all that’s needed. You can imagine a more exciting future or recall a more enjoyable past; this is the beauty of shifting tense.

You can also choose to let go of a past that has hurt you and focus on the present. Practice will improve your temporal skills.

7. Reduce daily distractions

It can be difficult to focus when there are easily accessible distractions around you; shut the door to your office; your smartphone should be in silent mode at another end of your home or work area.

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8. Be kind to yourself.

It’s easy for you to blame yourself when you make a mistake or procrastinate. Like many people, you might find that your internal “speak” is negative.

If you find yourself doing this, stop and speak to yourself gently instead; you are worthy of your kindness.

Remember your inherent humanity as a human being and allow yourself to return to the task at hand.

9. Celebrate Small wins

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed when you think about your BIG goal.  

You will be more goal-oriented and more likely to become more productive if you break down your goal into smaller bits and don’t forget to celebrate small wins.

10. Get accountability from the people in your life.

Tell your friends about what you plan to do via social media, phone, or in person. Ask at least one friend to check in on you and your progress regularly; this will make it less likely that you will try to cheat the system or give up when faced with an obstacle.

11. Surround yourself with motivated people

Being around the right people will definitely help you grow.

Surround Yourself with Motivated People

Avoid those who will tell you that your goals are foolish and tell you to change. Be around people who make you feel at ease with your ambitions and go-getters.

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Motivational Pitfalls

You should be aware of a few things that could affect your motivation. These are:

  • Don’t expect quick fixes or all-or-nothing thinking. You can feel discouraged if you don’t have the time or resources to fix it immediately. Remember that it takes time to reach your goals.
  • Don’t think that one solution fits all. You should look for alternatives if you are not able to reach your goals or if you feel discouraged.


Remember why you are doing what you are doing, no matter how big or small. Remember that you are your best source of motivation. Now is the time to get what you want.

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