Concept – The perception of yourself that you have.

Concept – The perception of yourself that you have.


Self-concept refers to the overall understanding and perception of yourself and how you relate to others. It is formed from your opinions about your personal and social identities. It is based on what you think about yourself and how you view your own life. Self-concept means your perception of yourself and how you see yourself in the world.


Your self-concept can influence how you think, act, and behave in all aspects of your life. A strong self-concept can be developed by taking the time to reflect on your own identity and focusing inwardly.

Formation of a Self-Concept

You will begin to see yourself as an individual and develop a sense of self. This mental image is how you see yourself and who you think you are. It is formed not only by how you perceive yourself but also by how others see you.


Your concept is basically a structured set of thoughts about your life. This mental organization is the sum of all your beliefs, values, and preferences.

Although your concept is initially broad and flexible, as you get older and gain more life experience, it becomes more structured, specific, and detailed.

The Self-Concept: Aspects

Self-concept refers to the way you view and organize your world. It can be learned, influenced, and organized.

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Lessons learned

Nobody is born with a particular self-concept. You develop your self-concept as you learn and connect with the world around you. Your concept is created through interaction with the environment. It is a result of personal development and socialization. Self-awareness is key to developing a sense of self. Taking the time to reflect upon past and present experiences is vital.


Learning can be affected by other factors. Your mental concept is no exception. You interact with people every day to shape your mental concepts. You can shape and alter your perceptions by living life experiences and interacting with others.


There are many perceptions of yourself and your life, each one arranged with the others. One perception of yourself maybe that you are smart, funny, compassionate, and patient. Another perception might be that you love to laugh, cry, or be stubborn.


Self-concept can be a multi-dimensional one. You have many beliefs and perceptions about your physical, emotional, and social self. These beliefs are combined to create one concept.


Your self-image is constantly changing. You shape it through your life experiences. Life experiences provide a constant source of new information that you can use to help yourself. Your perception of yourself can change as you learn from your life experiences. You are more likely to let go of thoughts and ideas that do not align with your perception of yourself. You keep those things that you believe are beneficial in helping to improve your perception of your personal life. It is dynamic, but it is made up of permanent self-assessments. It is stable and consistent and wants to resist change. You would have an inconsistent personality if your self-concept were to change easily.

Self Perception: Know Yourself
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