Developing the Right Perspective will bring Clarity, Create Success and Happiness in Your Life

It is often said that “Life is just a matter of perspective.” This is true because each of our perspectives is unique. Each person has different talents and abilities. By using these talents and abilities, we can create a unique way to live. Many people’s lifestyles are defined by the way they view the world and the lenses through which they see it.

What is Perspective?

Perspective is an interesting principle. It is defined as “something that gives the impression of height and width, depth, position, and relationship to each other when viewed from a particular point.” This last part is what makes perspective so important, it puts us in alignment with the right view. Perspective can become distorted if we are out of alignment.

There are few things in this world that are right or wrong. We have two perspectives on the same thing. One person may see something as extremely bad, while another might view it as normal.

Perspective: What is it?

You can find a variety of debates online where there are many polarizing arguments about politics, relationships, or anything that involves binary thinking. It is easy to choose a side on social media and find opinions that align with your beliefs.

You can also see both sides have solid reasons for their arguments, even though you are neutral and have not yet chosen a side. Both sides have valid options, but they make different choices.

It is important to think about others when we are defining perspective. There are over 8 billion people on the planet, and many people see things differently. This makes life more complicated because we tend to focus on the differences rather than seeing what we have in common. This can lead to arguments and even fights.

What is “The Right Perspective?”

Most of us can probably recall times when we were upset or worried about something that, in retrospect, wasn’t that bad. You might find it trivial. The right perspective allows us to see the most important things in our lives and stops us from being distracted by the less important ones.

How can we change the way we view the world and what happens in our lives? Is it possible?

Artists use the principle of perspective to create a sense of immersion on the streets. The objects seem to be floating off the ground or appear to have depth and height.

To experience the right perspective, it is important to ensure you are in the right alignment. If you are out of alignment, images can look very strange and even confusing.

Because perspective is so personal, we perceive everything according to how we are positioned. Think about chalk art again. You can see it clearly from your right perspective, while someone ten feet away can look at the ground in confusion because they do not see the correct perspective.

How to Change Your Perspective to having the Right Perspective

You must make an intentional decision to change your perspective. You must first accept that your current view of life is not fixed and can be altered. Next, it is important to recognize the value of having a different view than the one you currently have.

These are the steps that you can take to improve your outlook on life.

Stop complaining

Whatever the problem, whenever you feel like complaining about something, just fold your thumbs, bite your tongue, and do something to stop you from complaining. You can see things differently if you are able to listen and remain silent.

Be realistic. It is possible.

It is easy to get lost in our thoughts and forget the real facts of a situation.

Stop thinking about things in a negative light. Instead of thinking, “This is horrible”, think “This is not ideal but it will pass, so I will be okay.”

Think about your past experiences if you are worried about the future. Many of the things we worry about never happen. You might be surprised at how many things you have feared will happen in your life.

Many of our troubles and worries will never happen. It is possible to think more positively by actively questioning the possibility of something bad happening. You might notice that your worries about the small things are less frequent over time because you realize that many of them are unrealistic.

Find what makes you happy.

Happy people are more open-minded and have a better understanding of the world. To clear the fog, seek happiness even if it’s not naturally coming to you.

If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts and brooding, you won’t see the light in your life, and it will soon spread like wildfire around you. It can be difficult to stay positive at first, but it will become easier over time.

A gratitude journal is a great way to help your mind focus on the things you love. It works like this: Every time you see something positive, you write it in your gratitude journal.

You can then flip your journal open to see a different perspective when you are in a negative situation. When you feel like you don’t have anything to celebrate, remind yourself of how fortunate and blessed you are.

When you feel like you are incapable of doing anything, remember your successes. A gratitude journal can dramatically change your outlook on yourself and your life.

People will often post something on social media and then have their followers take a different view of its meaning.

People can misunderstand different phrases in posts on social media. This can lead to online conflict. Reacting to negative comments with maturity and humor will help reduce abuse and keep you from getting blocked.

Having the Right Perspective

Discuss your worries

Sometimes, talking about your thoughts can have a big positive effect on you. Even venting for just a few minutes can make all the difference. After a while, you might start to wonder why you were so upset or worried.

It is obvious that worrying can lead to a lot of trivialities. Be proactive and seek out solutions to your problems.

Take action

You can take small steps to alleviate stress if you are stressed about something minor. The best way to manage our worries is to address the root cause. Accept what you cannot change, and then take action on what you can.

You will be able to deal.

There will always be unpleasant things in life, to say the least. These include bereavement and divorce, illness, job loss, and debt.

You will face bad times in your life at one point or another, but you can overcome them and move on. You can handle whatever life throws at you. This should help you stop worrying about the small things.

Take a look at the bigger picture.

Consider what is most important to you. You might even want to write it down so you can remember it. Consider how small this one worry is compared to the bigger picture. Try asking yourself, “How will this affect me in a week?” Or “How will it affect me in a month or a year?” You won’t be surprised to find that you won’t be negatively affected by it after such a short time. You might also think about what one thing will do to my most important things.

Keep your head up

A fixed mindset holds that only a few people are born with the right genes to succeed.

Study after study shows that someone with a fixed mentality is less able to face many challenges in life. They view failure and difficulty as signs they are not doing the right thing.

It is possible that someone has explained why something wasn’t meant for them by talking about how they didn’t get it naturally. This view prevents many people from reaching their full potential.

A growth mindset is a person who has a different outlook on life. They believe that everyone can learn and develop the skills needed to reach their goals. Failure is a sign that they have not followed the right approach, but it is also a warning sign. They will continue to try new methods until they reach their goal.

Take a break

A short vacation can help you gain perspective and give you a break from the daily grind. It can be exhausting to do the same things every day. Sometimes, we just need to take a break and see the big picture.

From the Inside-Out, Change Your Negative Perspective.

To change how you think about the negative events in your lives, you must first change how you talk to yourself. Your actions will be influenced by what you say to yourself every day.

Negative self-talk can have a domino effect. It triggers anxiety and stress, which then leads to self-criticism. This self-criticism can lead to diminished goals.

Avoid Negativity

You may believe that your boss feels negative about you. When they give constructive criticism, you think they are complaining or nitpicking about small things. What does perspective look like?

Negative self-talk and interpreting events negatively will only lead to more undesirable results.

Imagine if your boss truly cared about your well-being and wanted to make you happy. This simple shift in perspective will help you deal with negative events in life.

If your boss gives you constructive criticism, it is a sign that they are investing in you. You will be more open to the kindness of your boss because you view them as a friend and colleague.

Change your perspective, and you will see that the very events that were supposed to have brought about failure can now be used to your advantage.

Focus on What Matters

Your brain can only concentrate on so many things each day. Your mind will filter out irrelevant information as a result.

This is often seen when you buy a vehicle and suddenly see it everywhere. You did not buy the vehicle on the same day as everyone else, but your mind prevented you from seeing the information.

You can improve your life perspective by changing your daily focus. You can change the events that your mind perceives, just like you could buy a new car.

Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, and all that is wrong in your life, be grateful for what you have.

Concentrate on the Needs Of Others

Helping others is the final way to improve your outlook on life. It is possible to do amazing things if you focus more on the needs and wants of others.

First, positive feedback from others will make you feel better about yourself. The second is that you’ll realize that even though everything isn’t perfect, there are always worse things.

Are you familiar with the expression “first world problems”?

It’s a humorous way to put difficult situations in perspective. Although all negative events can be unpleasant, there are certain differences.

Although it can be difficult to work with an inconsiderate boss, it is still a blessing that you have employment. Some people feel their spouse is reckless with money. But at least they love you.

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Powerful Perspective Quotes To Shift Your Mindset

  • “Everything that makes us irritable about others can help us understand ourselves.” — C.G. Jung
  • “There are two kinds of things: the known and unknown. In between are the doors to perception.” — Aldous Huxley
  • “No man can dictate what men should see, create, or produce.” — Ansel Adams
  • Epictetus: “Men are not disturbed by the events that occur, but their opinions about the events that occur.”
  • “Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how it’s taken.” — Irving Berlin
  • Marcus Aurelius: “Reject your feeling of injury, and the injury itself vanishes.”
  • “If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.” – Wayne Dyer
  • Stephen R. Covey: “We must consider the lens through which the world is seen, as well the world that we see. The lens shapes how we view the world.”
Quotes on Perspective
  • Gary Zukav: “What’s behind your eyes is more powerful than what’s in front of it.”
  • Albert Einstein: “It is possible that, behind our perceptions of the world, there are other worlds of which we are not aware.”
  • “Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” – Hans Margolius
  • “I am still determined to be cheerful and to be happy in whatever situation I may be, for I have also learnt from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not upon our circumstances.” – Martha Washington
  • Oscar Wilde: “The optimist sees a donut, while the pessimist sees a hole.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche: “And those who were observed dancing were thought to have been crazy by those who couldn’t hear the music.”
  • “The moment that you change your perception is the moment that you rewrite your body’s chemistry.” – Dr. Bruce H. Lipton


Perspective is dynamic, and you can change it. It can be a valuable skill to practice shifting your perspective. However, you must be able to shift to a perspective that you believe is better than the one you currently have. View Better, See Better. 

Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything
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