The Law Of Abundance – How To Manifest Your Desire And Change Your Life

There’s so much to learn about manifestation beyond what is known about in the Law of Attraction; it is important to understand that the Law of Attraction is actually only one of the many universal laws, and the more you understand the entire set of laws, the easier it’ll be to manifest the things you would like to manifest.

Today, I’m shining a spotlight upon one of my favorite concepts of all time: The Law of Abundance.

The Law of Abundance: there is plenty of money available for anyone who knows how to earn it and hold it.

We live in a thriving world where there is enough money for all who want it and are willing to obey the rules that govern its acquisition.

What is The Law of Abundance?

The word “abundance” refers to a large amount of. If you search for it, there are several possible meanings, such as ample quantity, relative plentifulness, affluence, or wealth.

The Law of Abundance is a universal law that states that everything we can ever desire is abundant, available, and at our fingertips. According to the law of abundance, there’s an endless abundance of energy, love, success, wealth, health, and whatever you desire.

The Law of Abundance simply states that there is an unlimitable supply of everything we require or desire, and it is available to us at any moment throughout the universe.

Let’s be honest. What was your first thought when you read the sentence?

Many of us have issues with this concept.

Ultimately, is there a reason why anyone ever chooses to struggle with money?

This is why it’s crucial to learn The Law of Abundance.

We have a difficult time with money because we’ve been taught to feel anxiety, fear, and scarcity with money, believing that there’s not enough money to go around, but there is a second method of looking at the world, a method that can dramatically improve your financial situation.

When you can trade your fear of scarcity for abundance, you’ll be able to turn your previous ways of thinking about money upside down, once and for all.

So, when you think of yourself as a person of abundance, it implies that you believe there’s plenty of everything for you and to go around. 

When you believe that the Law of Affluence is true and believe in the Law of Abundance when you see your friend enjoying lots of success, you’re grateful and happy for them since you are convinced that their success does not in any way interfere with your success; yours is there regardless of the challenges you are experiencing at the time.

Even if you are trying to be successful within the same industry or you’re in the same field, have an abundance mindset instead of feeling afraid or jealous that your competition is taking what could have been yours, and you’re aware that their success will not stop or hinder your success to any extent.

It is the strength of an abundance mentality. As you will observe, if you are a person with an abundance mindset, then it’s simple to be generous with your time, money, support, or anything else. It’s all part of the beauty of living according to this law.

How Does The Law of Abundance Work?

Similar to the Law of Attraction, the theory behind the Law of Abundance is all about control of our thoughts. The Law of Abundance states that there is plenty of wealth, food, love, compassion, well-being, and light for all of us.

People who adhere to the law and the idea that life is abundant will start to feel abundance and observe it in the world of humanity.

The shift in your outlook to see the world as vast and unlimited will allow you to realize and manifest your dreams and desires.

If you believe that within the Universe is the cure for a specific condition, you’ll actively search for the cure and spend time uncovering it; this is where the Law of Action comes into the picture.

What is the result when adopting an abundance mentality?

You are like a magnet.

The more you live in a state of abundance, the more you can let yourself be open to receiving more blessings. Consider this:

  • It’s more lucrative if you’re willing to invest your money.
  • You’ll be happier with your relationships if you give back to others in a way that is unconditional.

It’s the opposite, too. The longer you hold onto things such as people, individuals, or certain outcomes, the more difficult it gets to attract those things.

When you live in abundance, you invest your money, share your best information, and genuinely help others succeed.

This yields dividends.

People will reciprocate with a sense of interest. The ability you have to share and let go of your resources is a key factor in your success and life, and it feels great, too.

A Practical Example of Living in Abundance

A life of abundance can enable you to manifest what you want; it boosts your achievements and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

How do you make it work?

Imagine you’re the top SEO Content Writer within your company, and your boss wants you to teach the other employees. If you believe in the Law of Abundance, you’ll impart your top tips and knowledge, not minding if they will get better than you.

Would you share your best tips?

If you have the mindset of shortage and scarcity, then you will hold on to your most valuable information because you don’t want other people to reach the top since their success could be a threat to your position.

Living in scarcity is a drag.

But what happens if you are willing to share your most valuable information?

They can be excellent SEO Content Writers in a short time, and say, one of them surpasses you in some way.

When you live in abundance, you are blessed while rooting for them. 

You feel happy since they have achieved greatness and you have played a part in their accomplishments. Imagine the connections you make with them and how it could benefit you in the near future.

You could also be eligible for an increase in your salary or other benefits; you trained them. In any case, they provide you with a bit of competition and push you to remain focused on your work, which will result in a greater understanding and improvement in your field.

Which character would you prefer to be?

  • The one who holds on to their resources because the success of others is threatening you?
  • Or the person who gives their greatest resources aids others to succeed and reaps the long-term benefits.

Those who live in abundance gain more opportunities, are more successful, and have longer-lasting and sustainable success as they build better relationships and feel happier.

Believing in The Law of Abundance vs Believing in Scarcity

In contrast to abundance, there is a mindset of scarcity that believes that there is always some limit to how much one can possess, how much there can be, or the amount one can do. In the mindset of scarcity, it is impossible to have enough to go around since the opportunities and resources are scarce and always at risk of being exhausted.

The Law of Abundance and Affluence isn’t solely about money; it’s crucial to understand that it is a factor in every aspect of your life.

Let’s look at how your perspective regarding life could be different when you are living with an abundance mindset versus the mindset of scarcity.

Plenty vs. Lack

As we have already seen, the law of prosperity talks about the abundance of things; the first element of an abundance-based attitude is seeing everything as abundant. The mindset of abundance vs. lack affects everything from time to resources to money and relationships.

A positive outlook on life can make you more generous across all aspects of your life because, in your heart, you’ll know that there’s always something more:

  • More money to be earned 
  • More time to be spent.
  • More love to give.
  • More incredible people around the world with whom you can develop an amazing relationship.

Fear vs. Curiosity

If you live in a state of fear, it is easy to get stuck; you are afraid of change, people, and situations that you don’t understand or know, and you are afraid of the unknowable.

This leads to an extremely stagnant lifestyle because everything is inevitable at some moment, particularly if you plan to succeed.

Following The Law of Abundance and being a believer in abundance doesn’t always remove fear, but it can provide you with the courage, confidence, and a desire to move outside of your comfort zone regardless of fear, and when you do, you are not always sure where it will take you.

Another issue with the fear of change is a lack of mental attitude, which always implies changes are bad. Changes can be extremely frightening, and sometimes, it’s actually the most beneficial choice that could have been made.

Positive outlook vs. Negative outlook

Being a person with a negative mindset rather than an abundance mentality can cause you to develop an unfavorable outlook. You’ll always be concerned about what could occur; if someone launches the same business as you, it is likely that they’ll take your customers and force your business out of existence.

In fact, you could not even start your own business because you’ll research, observe other businesses that are similar, and then think that there’s no reason to even begin, believing that you’ll be unsuccessful; you might even think that you’ll end up losing everything.

In relationships, being negative about your outlook caused by a mindset of scarcity can cause you to believe that you can’t trust people and isn’t an ideal starting point for creating healthy relationships.

Willing to learn vs. Unwilling to learn

One of the main characteristics of people who are blessed is their desire to learn and study. This is logical, considering that if things are unlimited, then this should be the case for knowledge, and there’s always something to be learned.

A Mindset of Abundance – The Law of Attraction – Internal Dialogue Manifesting Into Reality

Flexible vs. Rigid

One key characteristic that is evident throughout everyone I know who has an abundance and a scarcity mentality is the ability to be flexible versus one that is rigid. Think about it: if you believe there are plenty of opportunities, and if an opportunity you thought would work out doesn’t go as you hoped, it is far easier for you to pick yourself up, knowing that another opportunity will come. 

It’s true that this could require some time, but believing in the law of abundance ensures you don’t sink into despair and think everything is lost.

Proactive vs. Reactive

This brings me to another issue that naturally follows. The importance of being proactive and generating opportunities rather than waiting for things to occur and then being reactive.

If you are a person with an abundance mentality, I’ll assume that you believe you are in control of the events that happen to you and that you have the power to decide the events that happen to you, but if you have an attitude of scarcity, it is likely that you believe events happen to you and that your life isn’t under your control.

Being aware that your life is under your control makes you more proactive, which leads to your desired results.

In the majority of cases, after we have achieved the results we want, it motivates us to go further and to take even more actions; this is the reason you can see successful people becoming more successful.

After you’ve taken an active step and accomplished the results you desire, you’ll probably be able to continue taking action and see more improvements; this will strengthen your belief that you control your life.

However, the reverse is true for those who are inactive and reactive and do not take active steps to achieve their goals. Instead, they’ll experience an absence of results that can reinforce the belief that their life and achievements cannot be controlled by them.

Closed-mindedness vs. Open-mindedness

We have already talked about how having an abundance mindset can lead to being more curious rather than being controlled by fear.

Inquiry leads to more open-mindedness; having an abundance mindset can make you more open-minded with your outlook.

Joy and Gratitude vs. Resentment

In the end, how do you react when you witness great things happening to those around you? Particularly when things aren’t working out for you the way you would like them to; when times are tough, it’s easy to get frustrated and irritable.

With a positive outlook, you will feel content with others and with what you can enjoy; this is another benefit of living and believing in The Law of Abundance.

As you will see, whether you are a person of abundance or a mindset of scarcity impacts the entirety of your life.

5 Entrepreneurs Who Achieved Success Through The Law of Abundance

Most successful and admired entrepreneurs are still working tirelessly even though they have greater wealth than what they could spend. Why? Because it’s not about the money for them. 

They made their wealth because of their obsessions; though they set out to achieve particular goals, they steer clear of short-term pleasures.

That’s the biggest issue of our time.

Many people are focused on the outcome, like becoming wealthy; that’s why ads featuring Lamborghini, hot babes, and private jets are effective.

Enjoying the process is the quickest method to reach specific goals without losing satisfaction while doing it.

Let’s look at some of the best examples of entrepreneurial success:

Mr Beast

Mr Beast is one of the biggest YouTube channels, with over 100 million subscribers; his empire is worth over a billion dollars; he achieved it by giving almost all of his money away.

Gary Vaynerchuk 

A massive content creator on the subject of business. How did he do it? He did it by giving his best knowledge to the public for free.

Steve Jobs 

Obsessed with his ability to design and create amazing products. Have you ever heard that he employed to use the Law of Abundance and visualization as a way to attract success? Yeah, he did.

Tony Robbins 

Helped countless individuals succeed by helping them focus on their goals and live in abundance instead of worrying about their limitations or fears.

Oprah Winfrey 

She was born into poverty, but she overcame it to become one of the top women on the planet. She attributes her success to an expansive attitude and conviction that positive thoughts can be powerful.

While these individuals are relentlessly seeking certain outcomes, they are focused only on their process; this is why they are in a state of abundance, not in a state of scarcity.

Do you wish to achieve similar results?

How to Live in Abundance – Manifesting with The Law Of Abundance

The basic idea is to strive for excellence, accomplishments, and success, but do this by obsessing over your method and process, not just the result.

This method will allow you to live an abundant life as well.

Success is something you attract by the person you become.

Jim Rohn

Become the person that attracts the results you desire.

Define Success

People tend to follow the ideals of society’s definition of success.

  • A high-income earner
  • Building the next billion-dollar company
  • Attracting a partner that drops people’s jaws
  • And a classic: having a more expensive car than your neighbor

It’s very fine to set and achieve these dreams if they’re yours, but the majority of people who pursue those definitions struggle to live their lives in abundance.

Why? Because they’re solely outcome-focused.

Make sure you are seeking something that truly fills you with satisfaction, not just the end result but the process itself; also, you should find the process that you love.

Of course, it’s possible to make big outcome-based lifestyle goals, such as acquiring the luxury of a private jet or yacht, if you’re interested, but you need to find a purposeful way to reach it and not one that makes you feel exhausted.

What are the best ways to live your life day-to-day to be successful?

Because if you achieve success without feeling successful, isn’t that failure?

Be Generous

People who are successful and happy are generous, and they have higher levels of personal satisfaction.

Consider the examples of entrepreneurs that we talked about. They give away their time because they believe that the Universe will reward them with interest.

Yes, there are certain exceptions.

Certain selfish individuals will enjoy enormous success and feel proud of themselves, but the majority of people succeed and achieve more because of their generosity.

So, stop holding onto everything with such a tight grip; the achievements of other people should not put you at risk. If they do make you feel at risk, there’s more reason to be sure that you’re on their side.

Share and give your time, money, as well as your knowledge, and skills without cost; the results from The Law of Abundance will surprise you.

Pursue Your Passion

Pursuing your passion is a great way to engage, inspire, energize, and stimulate yourself; it allows you to concentrate on the process and not on the outcome.

But it’s crucial to keep in mind that passion is just one aspect of a fulfilling and satisfying life; to have a holistic method, you need to balance your passions with objectives.

The majority of people can mix both; the internet is a wild place.

Mix your passion; this will allow you to be focused on the task at hand, give freely, and enjoy a life full of joy.

Know Your WHY

  • What do you want to see the Law of Abundance to do for you?
  • What are you hoping to achieve and attract in your life? 
  • And WHY?

The last question is one that you need to think about.

If you understand the reason you choose to do what you do, You gain a greater conviction.

The purpose of your hard work makes it much more worthwhile and helps you to remain consistent, resilient, and persevere through challenges.

Knowing your WHY helps to develop a positive mental attitude that allows you to see challenges as opportunities.

It’s a powerful thing if you’re looking to live a life full of joy.

Know Your Strengths

Personal strengths have the same influence as passion and purpose. How?

If you’re able to lead using your strengths, you’ll be more likely to seek improvement, overcome challenges, and, eventually, reach your goals; that will enable you to find the positive things you’re looking for.

Plus, you’ll feel less intimidated by people around you.

Being aware of what you’re good at – and not – allows you to work with other people; you can each fill in your weak points. We all know collaboration is the key to more results.

Seek Continuous Self-improvement

Continuous self-improvement is an important aspect of living in abundance. Why?

When you are focused on growth, you focus your effort on improving, not anxiety, because you’re too focused on realizing your full potential.

If you’re able to do your thing, you’re less frightened by other people. It allows you to be more open, openly share your thoughts, and support those around you.

Learning new skills builds your confidence; if you’re bold and secure, it will be easier to act from a position of abundance instead of the feeling of scarcity.

Let Go of Your Past

If you hold onto memories from the past that carry emotional baggage and negative memories, this causes a feeling of sadness and limits your ability to appreciate the present and build the best future.

Letting go of the past frees you.

This means that you accept forgiveness from yourself and others, let go of negative emotions, and go forward with a feeling of acceptance.

This allows for new opportunities, experiences, relationships, and more to be a part of your daily life.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

You may have heard this expression in the past:

You’re the average of the five closest people around you.

I constantly remind myself of it.

It also gives you the chance to be successful; connecting with positive and inspiring people is the best way to tap into this Law of Abundance.

How do you accomplish this?

  • Be someone that people want to hang out with.
  • Also, be the person you want to attract.
  • Create a positive mindset. 
  • Always be a fan of your fellows. 
  • Help others achieve their goals. 
  • Share freely and inspire others to be better.
How To Develop An ABUNDANCE MINDSET! | Dr. Joe Dispenza

This is how you can attract high-quality people to your life.

Make yourself the person you would like to spend time with; give with no expectations. Let your Law of Abundance work its magic.

Face Your Fears

Overcome your fears if you want to live an abundant life.

Facing your fears is uncomfortable at first, but the more you fight through your anxiety and fear, the more your comfort zone expands.

Build confidence

The confidence you have will lessen the need to hold onto the things you have.

Confident people can handle any challenge life throws at them. When you gain confidence:

  • You no longer fear losing a job
  • No longer are you afraid of the possibility of making mistakes or failing
  • You can end a toxic relationship

Confidence is the key ingredient to living a happy and fulfilled life.

Genuinely Root for Others

People living in a world of desperation need to take down the castles of others to feel happy.

For people who live in abundance

The castles of the other aren’t a threat to their castles; instead, they seek out and make alliances since they know that cooperation will help everyone build a better castle.

Together, you can create an empire.

In addition, have you encountered a person with confidence who had the desire to destroy others?

No, right?

Confident and successful people rarely do that.

Create alliances – not enemies.

Hope for the best for everyone else and be a cheerleader for their achievements, also be a resource in times of need.

Certainly, there are people who will take advantage of your generosity; this will happen.

Let it slide.

When you live in abundance, positive and good things will happen to you. Be sure to support people’s successes, and don’t bring anyone down.

Learn How To Receive

It’s a funny thing: while many of us long for help with issues when it comes down to it, we sometimes have a hard time accepting help when it’s offered.

We can get very attached to our egos, victim stories, and even discomfort! That means we sometimes push away the help that’s already all around us.

Being truly abundant requires us to turn our mindset to the other side. Instead of focusing on micromanagement and insisting, “We’ve got this,” what would happen if we allowed ourselves to be helped?

Our minds might attempt to convince us that this is an indication of weakness, but it’s really a sign of total power and strength. If you’re truly living in an abundant world, you will not be having such a difficult time accepting help as it comes to you.

If this is happening to you, it’s time to look into your patterns! Blocking help in a particular area typically means blocking help throughout. So, it’s time to get rid of your worries and feel divinely nourished.


Begin your day by focusing on what you are grateful for.

Finding happiness in your challenges and struggles is more challenging, but that’s a thing you ought to be grateful for since adversity is an element of the human condition.

It’s better to shift your perspective away from “Why is this happening to me?” to “I GET to experience these difficult situations and WIN! WIN!! and WIN!!!.”

Adversity, after all, can be an effective teacher.

It’s also impossible to be successful without challenges; therefore, be thankful for the things you have and especially for the struggles you overcame that shaped you.

If you can embrace that all, you will find it much easier to tap into the Law of Abundance and achieve a successful and fulfilling life.

Life’s more joyful when you live in abundance; you feel less threatened by others.

This opens you up to greater opportunities, better relationships, greater satisfaction, and finally, the possibility of great great success.

To do this?

Focus on your journey.

Avoid obsessing over short-term gratification; learn to delay gratification; it helps you to live in abundance and leads to mastery.

It also enables you to share; if you concentrate on your work with the mindset of abundance, the success of others can’t threaten you; instead, you’ll naturally seek out cooperation and create powerful relationships.

Be a good role model, help others succeed, and give freely; the universe will reward you in many ways.

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How can I use the other Universal Laws to my benefit?

Though more rooted in philosophy than fact, the Universal Laws can help you lead a peaceful, happy life.

They give insight into the realization of goals and help us comprehend why we are exactly where we are.

If we can harness the potential of each law, we will feel more relaxed.

12 Universal Laws:

  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Oneness
  • Law of Compensation
  • Law of Gender
  • Law of Cause and Effect
  • Law of Relativity
  • Law of Polarity
  • Law of Rhythm
  • Law of Correspondence
  • Law of Inspired Action


“The law of abundance” is an extremely powerful and transformative law that affirms the abundance that there is a lot of everything across the globe. It encourages people to change their outlook away from an attitude of scarcity and instead focus on abundance, which can lead to a more positive perspective on life. The law of abundance means accepting the intrinsic value of the world and understanding the possibility of prosperity and success in all aspects of life.

The most effective way to reap the benefits of the abundance law is through gratitude, generosity, and the willingness to share your blessings with others. Through cultivating a mental attitude of abundance, people can harness their creativity to attract opportunities and fulfill their goals; this concept goes beyond material wealth and encompasses emotional, spiritual, and intellectual wealth, which promotes overall well-being, but it is crucial to realize that the concept of prosperity isn’t the guarantee of immediate success or an unfailing life; it requires effort, dedication, and a constant dedication to personal development. Additionally, doing mindfulness exercises and being in the present can increase the capacity to see and recognize the abundance already present.

In a world that is often driven by stories of scarcity, The law of abundance can serve as an inspiring perspective that inspires people to shake off negative beliefs and embrace an attitude of unlimited possibilities by aligning their thoughts, actions, and desires with the principles of abundance; people can begin a rewarding journey to realize their full potential and living lives filled with joy, happiness, and abundance.

Manifest any reality you want – Neale Donald Walsch (The Law of Attraction)
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