What Are The 12 Laws of The Universe? – What They Mean and How To Use Them (A Complete Guide)

The 12 Spiritual Universal Laws teach something about happiness, well-being, and achievement. Our thoughts, emotions, and choices return to us as experiences, and it does not happen by chance. There are metaphysical and physical forces that help to enforce the universal laws of life. Following that, you can understand their influence and how a greater understanding of these fundamental laws could bring about positive change. 

If we choose to live our lives with more awareness and take into consideration the function of the general laws of the universe, we will effectively attract the things we desire in our lives. It requires a mindful, constant focus, a bit of perseverance, and patience, but it’s definitely worth it, with the intention of getting what’s desired. In addition, you do not need to focus on any particular manifestation goal to gain from this.

How Many Universal Laws Are There?

In the beginning, it was believed to be seven universal laws. Universal Laws were initially mentioned in the book of secret and cryptic doctrines, known as the Kybalion, which was first released in 1908. The book focuses on the Hermetic theology of Ancient Egypt along with Greece, and the Kybalion provides seven rules that govern the Universe. In the years following, numerous authors have released their own versions and various lists of Universal laws throughout the decades.

Our limited knowledge of the Universe and its workings grows, and so do the universal laws lists.

You’ve probably heard of or experienced the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption, but there are 10 more Laws of the Universe that go in the same direction to help you manifest your desires.

It is believed to be 12 universal fundamental laws.

What Are The 12 Universal Laws Of The Universe and How to Apply Them

The idea of the “12 laws of the universe” is not a common or widely used concept in the world of science or physics, but in various metaphysical and spiritual belief systems, you might find references to a set of rules or principles that are commonly referred to as the guiding principles of personal growth and understanding of how reality works.

It’s crucial to understand that the “12 laws of the universe” are not based on any scientific research and are, in fact, primarily based on metaphysical and spiritual beliefs. They aren’t universally accepted by the scientific community, and the interpretation of and use may be different among different religions and even among individuals. They are generally viewed more as philosophical or spiritual advice rather than based on scientific principles.

The 12 Laws of The Universe:

Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness states that all things and people are interconnected to each other since we all originate from an identical source. You exert a profound influence on the world through every word you use, every thought you make and believe in, and your actions. Sometimes, you’ll become aware of how your actions and words impact others, but other times, you might not be aware of the extent to which your words or actions create ripples in the universe.

This is the fundamental law of the universe, and it is founded on compassion and empathy. When you realize the way you are connected to all creatures and develop more compassion for other people, you will let go of anger and negative feelings towards one another since you’re aware that they’re not different from you. We’re all one.

If this idea seems a bit scary or uneasy at first, I suggest you meditate or write on this notion. Also, remember that we’re all part of one, and being at one with everyone else isn’t a weakness; it’s an extremely powerful state far more valuable than any other possession you’ll ever have.

How do you apply The Law of Divine Oneness?

To put this law into practice, be aware that your actions, thoughts, and feelings are significant and have a direct impact. If you want to live your life according to this law, you must imagine yourself as one of the many people that surround you; we all are one, and being aware of this can make us stronger and more compassionate. Ask yourself questions like: “How can I show more compassion and acceptance toward those I don’t understand?”

Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration states that all things and beings are always in a state of vibration, continuously emitting energy and frequencies that aren’t always visible in the air. Everything is in constant motion.

Look around you and notice that every object you observe emits a specific frequency; certain frequencies are higher, and some are lower. When you look upwards at the sky, the sun is emitting its own vibration and frequency, and so does your car. Also, the trees that line your front lawn. 

How do you use The Law of Vibration?

Take a look around. You, too, emit a frequency; the frequency can and often will change. Once you realize that you are the owner of the frequency, you will realize that you can adjust your frequency to the highest frequency.

The frequency of your vibration can have a profound impact on the way you live your life. If you vibrate at a higher frequency, you bring a higher feeling of purpose and satisfaction into your life.

In order to make use of the law of attraction to fulfill your desires, you need to match your frequency with the things you want. There are many methods for increasing your frequency, like meditation, breathing exercises, exercise, diet, and exposure to natural light, among other things. It is essential to determine the goals you wish to accomplish and then locate the right vibrational match.

Law of Correspondence

Have you heard the expression, “The universe continues to deliver to you the same lesson until you learn it”? This is the Law of Correspondence, which states that patterns will continue to repeat themselves in the universe on both large and smaller scales.

Take a look at patterns that repeat within your own life; have you tried and tried to achieve success in a particular endeavor but with no success? Do you ever feel that the universe is trying to teach you something?

The patterns we encounter are directly related to what we experience in our own inner lives. So, what you experience in the world around you is the reflection of your inner world; you can change the experiences you have in your outer world by changing your inner self.

How do you make use of The Law of Correspondence?

If you’ve felt especially chaotic lately, think about the ways that you could have been experiencing turmoil within. To let go of the chaos outside and bring peace into your life, you must create peace within yourself first.

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To apply this law to your life, be aware of your own habits that are usually linked to our beliefs or certain beliefs that limit us. Then, it’s possible to consciously take action to overcome them, find patterns in your daily life and in your thoughts, and note the way they are repeated elsewhere in the world. While doing this, take note of the patterns that you can make and how they could create changes on a larger scale.

Law of Attraction

You may be familiar with the Law of Attraction as this is the most widely known among the universally accepted laws. This Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like and that the thoughts, vibrations, and thoughts we send out there will be reflected in our daily experiences.”

If you live your life with a sense of love, joy, and optimism, your experience will reflect these emotions; if you have an attitude of negativity where you consider yourself to be the victim and insist that nothing works for your situation, your experiences will mirror this mindset.

How do you implement The Laws of Attraction?

To determine whether you’re in the right place to attract the things you desire, take a look around your life. Your life is dominated by the results of choices you have taken over the years. If you wish to be different, start by consciously beginning to focus and choose the thoughts that create emotions that match the goals you want to accomplish; this alters your energy field, which can draw or produce the results you desire in your life.

Law of Inspired Action

The Law of Inspired Action is integrally linked with the Law of Attraction and is often the least understood step that can lead some to say that the Law of Attraction “doesn’t work.”

The Law of Inspired Action states that you should take concrete actions that are actionable and inspiring to reach your goals and bring the manifestations you desire into your life.

How Do You Apply The Law of Inspired Action?

To implement the law of Inspired Action, ensure that your actions are in line with your purpose and remain proactive in pursuing your objectives.

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Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This is arguably perhaps the most confusing name, so let’s take it apart:

  • Perpetual: Continuous and never-ending
  • Transmutation: The act of changing or changing from one form to another

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that all energy in the universe is continuously changing and transforming from one form to another. The majority of the time, it’s difficult to see these changes since they’re occurring on a cell level.

According to this law, your vibrational frequency can affect the other’s, and others’ vibrational frequency can influence yours. If a colleague walks into your workplace and begins complaining and expressing their frustration, it could affect the energy of your workplace. It might not be obvious that your mood is shifting, but you can sense it. One moment, you’re enjoying your day, but the next, you’re feeling unhappy and disappointed. However, your positive energy could boost your colleagues’ spirits and make their day more positive.

The most important thing here is to understand how the energy of another person can impact your own, and the reverse is true. Once you are aware of this power, then you can make use of it to shield yourself from negative energy and also to lift others who surround you.

How can we implement The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy?

With this knowledge, along with our other universal laws, we can strive to improve the energy that is negative around us with positive actions and thoughts. Be alert, observe any negative thoughts that pop up, and then work to question it, alter it, change it out, or even swap it. Be present by practicing meditation. Healthy living naturally lets the body live in a high-vibrational state; fitness, eating healthy, and breathing in a healthy way, as well as enough rest, all contribute to maintaining a positive and energetic state. If we experience a negative day, it’s not an end to the road; we can go again the next day and alter the energy until living in high vibrational states is our standard. Make an effort to transform “the glass half empty to a glass half filled” mental state since you can, through the Law of Transmutation.

Law of Cause and Effect

The law is as it sounds; if you’re acquainted with Newton’s Third Law of Motion, you’re likely to have put those pieces together. The Law of Cause and Effect declares that all actions are accompanied by related reactions or consequences. (The term “consequences” tends to have an unfavorable connotation, though consequences may be positive as well.).

How do you use The Laws of Cause and Effect?

To put this law into practice and see the effect it has on your life, take note of how your actions and choices impact not just you but those in your life. Additionally, you should focus on sending positive vibes only; it is essential to focus on the root cause, and the outcome will be taken care of. Do your best to all people, show respect to everyone, and take proper care of your body so that it does return as it is the law.

Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation is often linked to the saying, “You reap what you sow.” This could have both a positive and negative connotation; the idea is remarkably tied to the ideas in the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect. (What you give out is what you get back.)

How does this law differ from other laws that it’s linked to?

I prefer to think of it this way: compensation can take place in a variety of good and bad ways. It is true that what may seem good from afar could be actually something negative, while even what appears negative on the surface could be positive.

For example, let’s say you’ve tried to attract a particular job; if you don’t receive your desired job offer, you could think that your effort has failed, but what happens if the job is not as great as it looked? The universe might be rescuing you from bad experiences and negative energy associated with this job.

Perhaps you got a job, but you’ve lied and played your way to be able to get it; then you discover that the job you thought would transform your life is actually changing it, but more for the worst than to your advantage.

It all comes back to the concept that you reap what you sow. Did you deceive and lie to secure the job? You might still receive it, but it might not be the glamorous or awesome job you believed it to be.

How do you make use of The Laws of Compensation?

Apply it in a way that rewards the love and support you provide, such as asking yourself, “Where can I support give to others today?” It’s not necessarily about money but intentional acts of kindness such as helping people, keeping doors open, giving someone an honest compliment, or encouraging people. To feel happy, be filled with positive thoughts of joy and optimism, and be rewarded by positive moments in your life. You’ll feel more confident about yourself and rest peacefully. 

Law of Relativity or Perspective

The Law of Relativity states that everything is neutral. When we define something as either good or bad, rich or poor, or even not enough or sufficient, it’s because we are affected by our own experiences and our relationships.

For instance, one individual might believe that making $20 per hour is a lot due to the fact that they’ve made less in the past and adjusted their lifestyle to match their past standard paychecks, but for a different person, the same $20 an hour may be a significant decrease in pay due to the fact that they’ve always earned more and have adapted their lifestyle to better pay.

The labels we assign to these experiences are based on the personal experiences we have; it is important to be aware of your prejudices and biases in the way you place on various experiences. When you’re falling into an attitude that says you’re not good enough, shift your perspective and see your circumstances; this can help you recognize that you really have plenty of things, which will allow the feeling of gratitude and appreciation throughout your daily life.

How do you make use of The Law of Relativity?

The application of this law can help us comprehend the most difficult parts of our lives with more empathy. If we’re feeling unappreciative of our finances or life situation, it could be because we’re trying to compare ourselves to the situation of someone else.

Instead, we’re more content with what we have and doing so without having to judge it against others while putting in the effort and doing the work to be better. Through focusing on this law of relativity lets us be aware of ourselves and allows a process of learning that enables us to develop and attain higher levels of consciousness. When we realize that when we look at things from a different perspective, the issue or challenge isn’t as bad, we can determine the best way to deal with the issue to help our personal development.

Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite, and having opposites is essential in helping us get a better understanding of our lives.

This law is about accepting the contrasts in your life. 

  • A relationship that is not ideal can aid you in recognizing the good ones (and determining the things you’re hoping to find in the future). 
  • The rainy days can help to make you appreciate sunny days, as too much sun will help to appreciate rain.

How can you implement The Law of Polarity?

To implement this law, Use your mental awareness to look at the two sides of a person or situation. You will feel more confident and energized when you remember this every day and focus on it; you will increase your resilience during difficult times. 

You decide if you will make it either positive or negative by how you consider the circumstances. It’s your decisions, not the circumstances, that will lead to the life you want to live.

Law of Rhythm or Perpetual Motion

The Law of Rhythm states that everything is cyclical, and nothing can remain in a single condition forever. This is best observed in the change of the seasons; there is a time of year when summer gives way to fall, then into winter, then into spring, and finally, it’s summer once more.

It also manifests in ways that aren’t always apparent until you look back in order to gain an overall view. Are you experiencing difficulties within your own life? They won’t endure forever; if you realize that this is only where you are in the cycle of life and that the hardships aren’t permanent, you’ll be capable of cultivating more peace and peace within yourself.

Using the Law of Rhythm or Perpetual Motion

To apply this law to your life, you must rise above the negative elements by not allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind. Be aware of your inner rhythms and attempt to deal with life from the positive. The cycle is a natural aspect of our universe; we try to conquer the impermanence of time, but it isn’t possible to last forever. So, everything is constantly shifting forward and back, flowing into and out, swinging between the two. There always is a reaction to every action.

Law of Gender or of Giving and Receiving

According to the Law of Gender, there are two kinds of energy: feminine and masculine. To lead an enjoyable, happy, and fulfilled life, we need to achieve a balance between these two energy types.

Masculine energy is a result of hustle and achievement. Feminine energy is linked to surrendering, allowing, caring, and just being; both are neither better nor less than the other. When you can find an equilibrium between these two, you can live the most authentic, genuine life.

It’s vital to be aware of your own inner rhythm. If, for instance, you’ve been running around in a hurry for a long time, your body might tell you that it’s time to slow down for a moment and let yourself be.

Using The Law of Gender or of Giving and Receiving

To implement this law, take a moment to think about the roles that each kind of energy plays in your life and consider whether there is over or under in any one of them. Be aware of the areas in your life where you have an imbalance between receiving and giving. Additionally, realize that all thoughts are spiritual seeds and require an incubation period before they become realized.

Who Wrote the 12 Laws of the Universe?

In the past, many philosophical and spiritual traditions were profoundly grounded in the Laws of the Universe concept.

Different belief systems and cultures have interpreted these concepts in various ways, but the notion of universal laws that govern existence has been part of the human mind for centuries.

Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Hindus believed in the cosmic principles that guided the life of humans and the Universe.

In the early days of Greece, philosophers like Pythagoras and Plato considered the idea of universal concepts and interconnectedness between everything; these philosophers believed in the existence of a God-like plan that governed the universe.

Eastern philosophy, in particular Hinduism and Buddhism, are a source of teachings about Karma’s law causality and effects and interconnectedness.

These principles have a connection in common with the 12 Laws of the Universe.

In the more recent past, the New Thought movement emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century, introducing the idea that there are Laws of the Universe to more people. The movement was a celebration of the potential of positive thinking, attraction laws, and the notion that your thoughts can influence reality.

12 Laws of the Universe and Your Happiness

The 12 Laws of the Universe shape our lives and, in turn, our happiness.

For example, The Law of Attraction tells you that your thoughts and emotional state can attract similar events. Positive thinking can result in happier experiences and more happiness.

In the same way that the Law of Divine Oneness teaches us that our actions, thoughts, and emotions have the power to influence the world around us. Positive thinking can cause an effect that ripples and spreads happiness to others who surround us and then our own.

Being aware of and adhering to these rules can guide us towards a happier and more satisfying life.

The 12 Laws of The Universe in Manifesting Your Desires

The 12 Laws also play an important part in the manifestation process of bringing your goals and desires into reality. For instance, the Law of Attraction emphasizes the fact that your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can bring similar experiences to your life.

The Law of Action complements this by highlighting the importance of encouraging action towards your goals.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy will help you realize that you can change the circumstances you face by altering your energy or vibration; this allows you to control your life and manifest your desires.

The 12 Laws give you a road map towards manifestation, providing guidance in bringing your visions into existence.

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Challenges and Misunderstandings of the 12 Laws of the Universe

As enlightening and powerful as the 12 Universal Laws are, misunderstandings could occur.

One misconception is that people use the Law of Polarity as an excuse for negative or destructive actions; the law explains that everything has an opposing, but it doesn’t mean that negative actions are justifiable as they’re contrary to positive actions.

Another misconception is that they operate on their own and that all you are required to do is follow, but NO! The laws of the Universe work together.

The 12 Laws of the Universe are interconnected and function in harmony; concentrating on a single law and ignoring the other can result in an imbalance; this can hamper the application of laws and cause disappointment or confusion. So, it’s essential to be aware of each law and its specifics.


Before you are overwhelmed, integrating the Universal Laws into your life is about gaining a better understanding of and thinking about them in a manner that is logical to you. Learn how to use them in everyday situations.

But keep in mind that everything has a gestational time or time for manifestation; every thought, word, or emotion is a seed, and once it has been fed enough with concentration and enthusiasm, the seed will germinate in the environment and the events of your life. The desires you have and the majority of your thoughts are going to manifest in your life; it’s the law! These are the Universal Laws!

Anything we hold through our thoughts, feelings, and convictions ultimately will become our reality. We create based on what we believe.

“Everything you can imagine… is Real.” – Pablo Picasso.

The 12 Universal Laws Explained and How to Apply Them
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