Simple Pleasures to Appreciate in Life

Have you ever heard of intentional living? Other than fundamental values, standards, and beliefs, it’s about looking for everyday pleasures, the little things that make our lives more exciting, meaningful, and satisfying.


These little pleasures in life can motivate us, energize us with vitality, and cause us to feel genuine joy and satisfaction.

Being aware of and appreciating the small pleasures in life is an easy way to bring joy and happiness.


What Are Simple Pleasures?

Simple pleasure is anything that gives you happiness on a daily basis. Sometimes, simple pleasures seem tiny, and unless we take the time to look to find them, they cannot be noticed.

Everyone has a different perception of simple pleasures. Simple pleasures are experiences that are pleasant and short, but they usually occur in everyday situations. In addition, they’re generally accessible to everyone at a low cost or for free. Sometimes things that are simple and enjoyable are very personal. Therefore, the simplest pleasures for one individual may be less enjoyable for another.

Since these are all unique events, they require considerable concentration to enjoy them to their fullest capacity. 

There are many ways people can improve their mindfulness. It could be beneficial to meditate every now and then. Many people are even able to try yoga. Some people might take an excursion through the woods. If they can focus on their mindfulness, they will enjoy the best of the simple pleasures.


If you want to find happiness on a regular basis, one of the most enjoyable actions we can take is to seek out the simple pleasures in life.

Why are Simple Pleasures Important?

Being aware of and appreciating the tiny things that bring you happiness can allow you to have more control over your day-to-day happiness.

There’s actually a compelling scientific study that can explain why focusing on simple pleasures is essential!

The scientific power of finding simple pleasures in life 

Many think the best way to get ahead is to put the pedal to the metal. This attitude determines our goal-setting and keeps us in the right direction. Do we think that is all?

A study was conducted in 2016, which discovered the reverse to be the case. Instead of limiting our enjoyment to meet our goals, we’re more successful if we are able to enjoy what researchers call simple pleasures. These are pleasures easily accessible to everyone without cost. They’re quick, pleasant daily pleasures. They’re also very personal to each person. That means that what I consider a simple pleasure might differ from what you consider a simple pleasure.

The most important thing is to take a moment and consider what these simple pleasures mean to you. This is how we can get closer to the daily goals of our lives. In the end, this will bring us joy throughout the process.

How to Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life

An excellent way to experience life’s simple pleasures is to consider ways to keep your five senses occupied.

Our five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and even sound) are incredibly effective and can connect us to various happy memories in our history.

Utilizing our senses to appreciate everyday things we take for granted helps us practice gratitude and bring more joy throughout the day.

There are many things we can appreciate in our hectic lives; therefore, slowing down and enjoying the little pleasures can enormously impact our personal growth and satisfaction.

Simple Pleasures In Life

People can be profoundly moved by small things of no significance to others. There isn’t any universal list of equally enjoyable pleasures for all.

It’s all about recognizing them and mentally recording these small items as lovely, something that deserves to be appreciated, and something that can bring smiles to your face; that’s a simple pleasure described in a few words.

In all likelihood, there are numerous delights that people enjoy. Among these could include:

  • Waking up to the sun.
  • A dog gets excited when they see you.
  • The first sip of water you take in the early morning.
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Seeing a rainbow
  • Walking on the beach
  • The first cup of coffee
  • Cuddling
  • Going to bed the night before vacation
  • The gift of a handcrafted item or a handwritten note
  • Stargazing while watching the meteor shower
  • Plating a meal you cooked for friends or family
  • Walking barefoot in the grass.
  • Listening to good music while driving.
  • A long, relaxing shower.
  • A good novel.
  • A tranquil place to relax.
  •  The aroma of a fragrant candle.
  • Fresh clothes just out of the dryer.
  • Receiving an unexpected compliment.
  • Looking at old photos
  • Seeing people smile
  • The pleasure of reading a good book
  • Films from the past
  • Ice cream on a child’s face
  • Video calls with loved ones in a faraway place
  • Hitting all green lights on the way to work.
  • New sheets.
  • Getting off work.
  • Snow days.
  • Breakfast in the bed.
  • Looking at the clouds
  • A warm bath with a fragrant aroma
  • Listening to the rain
  • Sneezing
  • Enjoying a great movie in your own time
  • Afternoon naps
  • Lighting a candle
  • Writing or painting
  • Enjoying time with your loved ones
  • Finishing a hike with a beautiful view
  • Listening to your favorite songs while you walk or run
  • Feeling well-rested and refreshed in the morning
  • Incorporating something positive into your routine
  • Enjoying the sunrise.
  • Walking along the beach.
  • A gentle morning run.
  • Yoga, stretching, or meditation.
  • Snuggling in bed with your partner.
  • Your child is being held tightly.
  • Good wine.
  • Driving while your windows are open.
  • Dining with candles.
  • Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets.
  • The feeling you get after completing an intense exercise.
  • The pitter-pattering of rain.
  • Reading a book that resonates with you.
  • A cool breeze during a hot day.
  • A red sky at night
  • Older architecture
  • Festive decorations
  • A wildflower garden
  • City views
  • A clean house
  • Reading inspiring quotes
  • A meal that reminds you of childhood. 
  • The sound of a baby laughing.
  • Long weekends.
  • A checked-off to-do list.
  • The book is in the process of being published.
  • A good podcast.
  • Starting a new book.
  • Cuddles with your pet.
  • When your favorite television show is back after an interruption.
  • Beat drop from your favorite track.
  • Talking with an elderly relative
  • Someone playing with your hair
  • Finding a new song that you love
  • Feeling better after being sick
  • An item delivered right to your doorstep
  • Looking back through old photographs
  • Going to your favorite spot in your town
  • Reminiscing about good times with old acquaintances
  • Coming into work to an organized desk 
  • Relaxing and unwinding after a long day
  • A kiss in the rain.
  • A clean and tidy home.
  • An uncluttered room.
  • Pillow fights.
  • While in the shower, you sing loudly.
  • Singing in the rain and stomping through Puddles.
  • Playing with your child.
  • Holding hands with a loved one.
  • Refreshed after a refreshing afternoon nap.
  • Making someone smile.
  • The blissful voice of your spouse
  • Chatting with strangers
  • Watching waves
  • Hearing ‘I love you’
  • Roasting chicken in the oven
  • Making love
  • A date with yourself
  • A newly clean refrigerator.
  • New stationery items.
  • Being told you did a great job.
  • Hugs from someone you love.
  • A good routine for skincare.
  • Getting ice cream.
  • Making new acquaintances.
  • Receiving a text from someone you love.
  • A great exercise.
  • Writing on the final page of a journal
  • Keeping track of progress on your goals in your journal
  • Watching your favorite show with someone who’s never seen it before
  • Staying inside on a stormy day 
  • Making a baby make smile or giggle at you
  • Picking up a loved one at the airport
  • Applying your favorite fragrance
  • Finding money left in a coat pocket
  • Adding a new line to your resume 
  • Having the door held for you 
  • Holding hands for the first time with someone you like 
  • Going on a vacation with your most loved friend
  • Watching your savings account grow.
  • Seeing your debt shrink.
  • Animals watching in the wild
  • A very slow and sensual night with your partner.
  • All night long, talking.
  • Enjoying a picnic.
  • Night-time swimming.
  • Having someone say thank you
  • Finding a new interest
  • Feeling confident and happy.
  • Sharing a knowing glance with a loved one.
  • Good feedback for an assignment for school or work.
  • Goals achieved.
  • You find something that you thought you’d lost.
  • Walking alone.
  • Putting in the last piece of a puzzle.
  • Feeling safe with someone.
  • Making a bucket list.
  • Writing your list of simple pleasures!

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Sometimes, the smallest of things have the most significant difference.

When I think about the good things in my life or express gratitude, I often think about the tiny, everyday things I value the most; “it’s those small things in life that matter.”

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that make up a happy life. Status, money items, material things, and massive purchases can go only so far. If you can enjoy life’s little pleasures, the possibility of happiness and joy opens completely.

Find the small things; Pay attention to the tiny pleasures; Enjoy the simple pleasures.


It is crucial for you to concentrate on these easy pleasures that will benefit you. If you can focus on the small delights you experience in life, you can stay positive regardless of challenges. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to find the joy of your life in its purest form.

The list of things you enjoy can differ from mine, but bear in mind that the little things make us feel alive and make us feel complete and turn a typical day into something extraordinary.

Also, I would like to encourage you to write an inventory of what simple things you enjoy most.

Write down whatever thoughts come to your mind. Let your pen run free, And then keep in mind… These are the things to be thankful for. It turns out that the best things about life are the simplest things.

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