Law of Resonance: How To Unlock And Manifest The Abundance You Want in Your Life

You’ve most likely heard about “the Law of Attraction,” but do you know the Law of Resonance? If not, this is a quick overview.


To fully comprehend this universal Law of Resonance, we must first understand that all things in the universe are constantly vibrating. The vibrations produce an oscillation frequency that emits at different speeds and levels. The power of the vibration frequency depends upon the molecular structure and the elements that compose the person or object. Things that influence the vibration frequency include beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The frequencies of vibration that are projected are the resonance of the vibration.

What is The Law of Resonance

Resonance can be described as the pendulum which flies between two points indefinitely. Imagine an infinity symbol at one part; what you speak or think about it, that thought will be reflected and then make its way back to you with the same frequency that you have released. 

  • If you speak from a place of love, the universe responds with love. 
  • If you talk negatively, the universe responds with negativity. 

An example is putting old-school clocks that operate on a pendulum together in a room. Eventually, they will all sync up because the vibratory frequency being put out resonates together and begins to vibrate together. 

The Law of Resonance states that the frequency of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences will attract similar things from the world around you that vibrate with the same frequency. It’s one of the major fundamentals that the Universe operates on.

The Law of Resonance means that you’ll attract to your the world what you are. 

That’s why embodying the resonance of everything you desire is important before it can manifest in your life. You have to align yourself with the energy of what you want to attract.


The Law of Abundance is a universal law that states that everything we can ever desire is abundant, available, and at our fingertips. According to the law of abundance, there’s an endless abundance of energy, love, success, wealth, health, and whatever you desire.

The Law Of Abundance – How To Manifest Your Desire And Change Your Life

Is The Law of Resonance and The Law of Attraction the Same?

The law of resonance is part of the law of attraction, and both are interconnected; it is impossible to be effective without the other.

The Law of Attraction says that your thoughts can change your reality, and it operates in this way.

  • You think and speak positively about what you want in life.
  • You begin to feel good about it.
  • You take inspired action.
  • You get what you want.

The Law of Inspired Action is integrally linked with the Law of Attraction and is often the least understood step that can lead some to say that the Law of Attraction “doesn’t work.”

The Law of Inspired Action states that you should take concrete actions that are actionable and inspiring to reach your goals and bring the manifestations you desire into your life. – Law of Inspired Action

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The second and third point is the law of resonance. This is why most people can’t use the law of attraction correctly.

If you can understand how to utilize this law, you’ll be climbing mountains and manifesting with time.

The Law of Resonance is the foundation of how you can use the Law of Attraction. It states that what you put out, you bring in because that is what resonates with you. Just like making friends: 

  • If you are into music, you will resonate with people who are into music. 
  • If you have a good sense of humor, you will resonate with someone with a good sense of humor. 

The Law of Resonance states that the rate of the projected vibration will harmonize with and attract back energies with the same resonance, and this is where the Law of Attraction comes into the picture. What we let ourselves feel, the way we communicate with ourselves, becomes our reality; this includes: 

  • The music we listen to.
  • The kind of things we watch.
  • And the people we surround ourselves with. 

It’s very important that you know that love’s resonance is much more powerful than fear/hate due to the strength of the frequency emitted. Love is a conductive and connection energy, while fear is separation energy; these emotions generate our vibrational frequencies, which are amplified by our electromagnetic field. The power of love is that it can amplify all energy it is in contact with; when we act and speak in love, we teach our resonance to attract the goodness and love that we have in our lives, and because love is more powerful than fear, it always attracts stronger than, faster, and better than fear.

The Law of Resonance vs. The Law of Attraction

While they have a lot in common with concepts, there are a few differences in relation to what is known as the Law of Resonance vs. the Law of Attraction. Let’s review of both:

Law of ResonanceLaw of Attraction
Embodying the feeling of what you wantOnly visualizing what you want
Profound knowing that your desires are coming to youClinging onto your desires
Coming from a place of fulfillment and acceptanceComing from a place of want, need, or even lack

For the law of resonance, the Universe provides you with what you’re. It’s all about your identity and not about your thoughts.

In most cases, desire impedes; desiring something gets in the way of obtaining it, as psychologist David Hawkins in his book Letting Go: The Way to Surrender. Why? Because when you repeatedly tell the Universe you want something, it reinforces the idea that you do not possess it; this is a sign of insufficiency, and sometimes it comes from a place of lack, not abundance, but when you live in peace and joy and release the pressure to fill that area in your own life, you could be amazed at how quickly it will come to you. 

How Does The Law Resonance Work?

Albert Einstein once said that everything that exists in the Universe has a vibratory frequency and that like attracts like. All objects, including our thoughts and feelings, are unique in their frequency, and it is also the case that certain objects oscillate at the same frequency.

When you’re continually cultivating high-frequency emotional states such as joy or peace, the world around you will provide you with experiences that increase those feelings.

If you’re in a low emotional state, you will feel and experience the same frequency, but if you switch your inner ear to the thoughts and feelings that inspire you, your reality will shift in the same way.

Then there’s more; modern research has revealed that DNA in humans plays a crucial role in communicating with all that occurs in the outside world. In fact, Russian scientist Vladimir Poponin conducted some experiments that showed how our DNA can transmit messages and receive them through quantum fields.

It can communicate through the resonance of other individuals or objects; it is a huge symphony in which everybody plays their notes harmoniously.

Quantum Leaping or Jumping is an event where you can change into a different reality you did not access before; this is also referred to as quantum shift; this means that you can shift into the new reality by performing a leap or a jump in your mind and actively changing your reality.

A quantum leap in your mind signifies that you alter your thought patterns and change your perspective. A shift in your mindset is essential for quantum jumping manifestation; this allows you to make the quantum shift that takes you to a brand-new reality and allows you to manifest your goals.

Quantum Leaping Manifestation | How To Quantum Shift Your Reality

How the Law of Resonance Improves Your Life

In the realm of manifestation, when it comes to manifesting and bringing to reality, the Law of Resonance is the most fundamental element that can bring your goals to life. Here’s how this universal law can aid in this:

  • It can increase your frequency.
  • It makes you better aware of your own condition.
  • It helps you to take responsibility for what’s going on within.
  • It helps you let go of anything that is no longer serving you.
  • Help you understand that your reality only reflects your inner world and
  • It teaches you how to attract everything you desire truly.

How to Use the Law of Resonance to Manifest Your Desire

The method has been briefly discussed above. Now, let’s take a look at how you can make use of the law resonance to begin to draw and attract your desires.

Eliminate Negativity from Your Life

Negativity can sabotage everything regarding the realization of your ideal life.

Remember that you must feel comfortable, look at ease, and feel good to attract good.

And if you’re taking in all the negativity, sad, oppressive, and depressive thoughts, how can you possibly believe that you will succeed?

So, the most important step you can take to attract positive energy is to remove negative energy from your life.

The naysayers who tell you that you shouldn’t do certain things immediately take these people out of your life. 

Control your emotions in the midst of challenging interactions so that you don’t risk being caught in a loophole, and keep your energy.

If the negative vibe is so strong that it’s unavoidable, attempt to reduce its exposure as much as possible. Beware of interactions with these people if you do, and stay away from all the sad things they are known to bombard you with.

Studies suggest that all of us have a limited amount of mental energy at a stretch. Each time we utilize our brain power to concentrate and make decisions, we drain our mental reserves throughout the day and make it harder to control our emotions later; if you are wasting time on decisions that aren’t important or tasks, it could be difficult to concentrate on what’s really important.

In order to protect your energy, it’s about conserving your mental resources by cutting off distractions so you can remain focused on the things that matter most.

How to Protect Your Energy From Negativity

Develop the Right Attitude

This is the basic idea behind this Law of Resonance. Napoleon Bonaparte once asked a palmist if he could be the king but was refused. He asked him how the line of being king looked on the hand, and the palmist then told him.

Napoleon drew such a line with his knife and asked again if he could be the king. The palmist was stunned.

This is the mindset you should adopt when pursuing your goals; it doesn’t matter what other people are saying to you; you simply need to remain focused, and it will eventually happen.

Think about achieving whatever you want and feel the emotions you’ll experience when you achieve it, and then walk it, talk it, and act the way you would if you had it today.

Get the attitude right and embrace the idea, and it’s only a matter of time before you achieve it.

Practice Gratitude

If you’re looking for something that could begin a new chapter in your life, it’s none more than the feeling of gratitude.

The benefits of gratitude are numerous and profound to your overall health. It assists in stress management, reduces negative thoughts, and improves mood.

It’s impossible for one to be worried and happy simultaneously.

Be aware of the things you already have, and thank yourself for the progress you’ve made in your world.

Develop a habit, do it for a month, continue, and observe the massive change in your life.

  • Before you go to bed, take a count of 10 blessings.
  • As you get up and get up, count ten more blessings.

If you are grateful when you do, you are becoming wealthy. Establishing it as habitual and repeating it with ease will make you prosperous.

And since you attract who you are in life, you attract more abundance for being abundant in the first place.

Let Go What You Want to Get it

Wait, what? Really? Absolutely! Yes!

There’s a distinction between being passionate and desperate; if you are eager to realize your dreams and begin to panic and then become angry about the time it will take to reach them, you are a person who is lacking because you don’t have it, which is the reason you’re desperate, and now you are someone with lack, you are going to attract more lack.

It is supported by scientific research called meta-cognition, which is your ability to think about your thoughts.

Thought of lack creates more thoughts of lack, and grief is likely added to it, and this compounding effect leads to turmoil and destroys your motivation.

This is why you feel insignificant and ungrateful, as you are far from achieving your goal, and then you are likely to feel depressed and sad and may be skeptical about your ability to achieve it.

When you are comfortable, not afraid of failure, and deeply desire to succeed, you can reduce the resistance of these negative feelings and move, walk, and run to achieve your goals.

You free your mind from the unnecessary burden of panicking; what if I don’t get it?

If you can free your energy from this mess, you can then put it to work in the direction of your ideal lifestyle rather than be stressed about it.

Tap into surrendered manifestation

Regan points out that manifestation is about taking your intention and allowing it to be embodied and anchored through you. Giving yourself to the act of manifestation is a sign that you don’t have to think about every aspect of what you need to do to achieve it.

You let go of your intention in the Universe, Lean in, and rely on the fact that you’ll find those who are right for you and have opportunities to fulfill your desires. It is essential to affirmatively say “yes” to the opportunities resulting from aligned actions.

If you’re planting flowers and you pull out the seeds each week or day to check how they’re developing, they won’t grow anymore, would they? It’s as simple as planting the seed once and then believing it’ll grow since you’re taking action each day to care for it. The same goes for your motives.

Set your manifestation alarm

The alignment of the energetic is first when discussing what is known as the Law of Resonance. It is, therefore, important to increase the energy of your manifestation immediately from the inside out.

A powerful method to help you experience the powerful resonance of abundance and joy is to set an alarm for manifestation.

Set a calm, soothing-sounding ringtone as frequently as you can during the time of the day. When it does go off, simply stop what you’re doing and ask yourself:

  • What would it feel like if my manifestation had come to life?
  • What would it feel like if I already had what I wanted to manifest?

Simply feel the sensation and inform your system to increase it. Let it flow through your cells and feel how amazing it feels.

You’ll be able to master getting into that state of mind, and as time passes by and your manifesting alarm starts to sound, you’ll realize, “Oh, I’m already feeling this state.”

Even if you practice this for a few weeks and do not notice anything, you can just trust that your energy has changed in a subtle way. The more you work on this, the more apparent it will become.

Be a part of the infinite nature of the universe

Because everything around us alters and changes, if we remain stagnant, we’re moving backward.

What are you planning to do with this infinite expansion of the world?

Consider these questions and observe what it is that they raise within:

  • What will you do in the future? Keep this in mind as you go about your day and the rest of your life.
  • Will you expand? Or will you remain stagnant?

Keep in mind that the universe is there to assist you in the process of expansion and growth. 

Get out of the victim’s consciousness

The victim’s consciousness is the notion that “something has been done to me by someone outside of me.” It’s like giving all your power away to external circumstances. 

Victims live in the illusion of being separated, the falsehood that they’re getting pulled off everything that they’ve ever dreamed of.

Consider the instances in your life that made you feel like you were an unrepentant victim. Bring them up without judging your self-image.

Notice if you can examine your main story and your complaints: 

  • What did you tell yourself about these situations? 
  • In what ways were you fighting your limits?

When you let the answers come out, leave room for any shame or guilt that might pop up; it’s normal to feel these emotions but don’t be a victim of being in these feelings. The awareness you gain can have powerful beneficial effects on your body, mind, and your soul.

Victimhood can become a part of a person’s identity; however, it is an acquired habit that can be altered. It can be an attempt to protect yourself from dealing with life’s challenges.

The act of playing victim can be a deceitful technique that will never get you anywhere. It can make you feel apathetic and self-centered, as well as harmful when you do this to others. Everyone doesn’t want to be the target of the swindling or abuse of another’s actions. Yet, being a victim and not actually being a victim is something that lots of people are known to do.

Signs You or Someone Might Be Playing the Victim and How to Deal with It

Patience and Consistency

Rome wasn’t built in a single day. Everything great takes time; the same is true in your situation.

Consistency is by far the most crucial aspect that will distinguish you from the others. How many great ideas and efforts do we see dying just because they couldn’t hold it long enough?

It’s not rocket science, either. It is evident from everyday occurrences in your day-to-day life that anything you put your hand into for a long period, you become a master of it.

If you wait long enough, the seed will grow into a huge tree, and you too. Be confident in yourself and continue moving towards your goals; achieving them is only a matter of time.

Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Many people would have done it already if it had been simple, and the objective wouldn’t be nearly as worthwhile.

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The Law of Resonance is an important guiding concept in pursuing one’s goals. This universal law states that “like attracts like,” highlighting the harmony of our thoughts, feelings, and the energy we release into the world. When we align our inner frequencies with the results we want, it allows us to draw energy that goes beyond mere thoughts of wishful thinking.

The Law of Resonance invites us to be conscious creators of our world while recognizing the impact of our thoughts and emotions on the energy we attract. It promotes mindfulness, encouraging us to develop positive and inspiring beliefs aligning with the success, abundance, and happiness we want.

Plus, The Law of Resonance underscores the importance of self-awareness and authenticity. It prompts us to align our inner and outer selves to our external goals and creates an authentic and harmonious connection between our goals and the energy we emit; by doing this, we can navigate the way toward our dreams with more awareness and focus.

Practically speaking, integrating what is known as the Law of Resonance into our lives is about cultivating an optimistic mindset, practicing gratitude, and maintaining a frequency that reflects the reality we want to manifest. 

In the simplest sense, this Law of Resonance invites us to take a stand as the makers of our future and to recognize that our emotions and thoughts are not just spectators but actively involved in creating our lives. In embracing this universal truth, we can embark on an exciting journey in which our dreams and the frequency of our souls meet, allowing us to manifest the world that we really desire.

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