Low Vibrational People: Signs You Have A Low Vibration And How To Increase It

Have you ever felt that feeling that you’re just not communicating with someone else or that they are operating at a vibration that’s too low for you?


It appears that there’s some truth to this.

ReelNat will explore the concept of low-vibrational people and what this means for interactions with a low-vibration person.


This is an important thing to be aware of if you’re looking to increase your vibrational energy and frequency from a low level to a high frequency.

So, let’s get started!

Low Vibrational People: Who Are They?

“Low-vibrational people” describes the group of people who are not aware of their own or other’s energy levels. They might be able to detect harmful energy but do not have the necessary skills to effectively manage it.

People with low vibrations tend to be attracted to other people with low vibrations, which could result in negative effects on their lives. It’s difficult to progress when you’re trying to increase your frequency but are in the presence of low-frequency people.


It’s not true that those with low energy are bad or evil; it’s that their low energy and negative self-talk are not in sync with their energy.

People who are low vibration are those with low energy levels; they are usually negative, critical, and judgmental; they can also be selfish, self-centered, lazy, and manipulative. Though not all low vibrational people are ill-manner, all ill-manner persons are low vibrational.

If you’re around those who have low vibration, you may feel tired, stressed, and unhappy. It is also possible to feel like you are being pushed into their levels.

This energy of low vibration could take many forms, such as:

  • Feeling down now and then or even regularly
  • Feeling as if you have a miserable life
  • Feeling like you need some alone time

We’re often the average of people we spend time with, especially if we hang out with those with low-frequency people. Well? What does that mean for us? Exactly.

What Causes Low Vibration?

There are many things that can create low-vibrational people, such as:

  • negative thoughts
  • negative self-talk
  • Negative emotions like jealousy, greed, or desire
  • Certain beliefs
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Exposure to people’s low-vibration environments
  • Exposure to music with low vibration or films
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Bitterness
  • Pessimism
  • Guilt
  • Blame

To increase your vibration, it is essential to be aware of factors that decrease it and to take steps to improve the low frequency.

Signs of Low Vibrational People

You’re lost in life

If you are stuck in one place and unsure about which direction to go, you may be vibrating at low energy. It is difficult to find your inner compass if negative thoughts are obscuring your vision.

You try to hide your emotions

You feel jealous and angry frequently. These negative, bitter emotions are the direct consequence of low frequency.

You feel sick, but you are medically fine

You’ve gone back and forth to your doctor to discuss fatigue and exhaustion that make you feel exhausted, and there’s nothing wrong with you, but you’re unable to shake off the fatigue. Your energy level is low.

You have no goals or aspirations

Since you’re lost, there aren’t any accomplishments you’re striving for. You’re aware that you must set goals and have aspirations, but you’re unable to focus and determine what you would like to accomplish.

You simply don’t care anymore

Your life is not a source of motivation for you. You’re struggling with self-care and self-love, your home is broken, and you don’t care about what happens to yourself and anyone else.

You have a lot of self-doubts

It’s hard to think of anything you’re proud of. Your work is boring, and you’re not able to do your regular work or job.

Guilt is eating you up

You are dwelling on things that you’ve done wrong in the past. You are constantly looking for things to be ashamed of subconsciously; this is your way of repressing yourself, and it’s a sign of low vibration.

You have a problem for every solution

There are no good answers to the questions that bother you continuously. There is nothing that is satisfactory enough; “nothing will work, or nothing works,” that’s what you always tell yourself, and if you believe this, it is impossible to make changes.

You’re full of yourself

It’s all about you, even when it isn’t. Instead of thinking about the way your actions or words impact others, your main concentration is on you and your personal needs.

You’re a complainer

You can’t have everything that is right for you. You see fault with every single thing and every one. Your negative outlook hinders you from seeing the positive in people and circumstances.

You have a lot of bad habits

As time passes, you’ve acquired a variety of bad behaviors. You’re aware that your behaviors and vices aren’t good and acceptable, but you do not have a plan to address them. Instead, you make them appear as if they do not exist.

You’re argumentative

When someone shares their opinions or views with you, a debate is likely to come up. You are prone to the habit of getting into unnecessary arguments, and you don’t like any person. The common factor is you.

Physically, you’re not fit

What’s going on within you is easily transferred to your external appearance. If you are unable to take part in activities that are beneficial to your health, your vibrancy is low.

You are uninterested in the future

It’s like the world is slowly disappearing around you. Everyone is getting married, receiving promotions, and beginning families. Yet you’ve been in the same spot for a while and don’t think much will be different in the coming ten years.

You are scared when good things happen to you

Let’s suppose you were on a date, and you realized that you and the other person clicked. Love is definitely on the path to reach you, but you are nervous and panic because you’re sure it’s too good to be true, and the whole thing will end up falling to pieces.

Don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt

The first place your mind goes is to the gutter. You assume ill intent and fail to see the possibility that people are being genuine with you.

The human race is an inherently vulnerable species. Our evolutionary success is due to our culture and ability to listen to and trust stories from other people and, in turn, build an understanding of the world. In a sense, it is part of nature.

However, it isn’t always the case that what we hear from other people is helpful or accurate. There are numerous ways in which people have been deceived or manipulated at times for fun, but most of the time for the sake of profit or political gain.

Sharing social information is the key to our progress; however, in this time of unrestricted and unlimited information, it’s now an enormous challenge to choose which information to trust and what to deny.

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You keep negative events that occurred in the past

The first thoughts that pop into your mind as you look back to your childhood are the bad experiences that your parents shouted at you, when your peers took advantage of you, or when you suffered the pain of losing someone, or when others bullied you, or when someone broke your heart. You can’t seem to let go of them, and you frequently blame them for your shortcomings.

You’re slow to forgive

Forgiveness can be a challenge for you. You are able to hold grudges until the very end, but other people aren’t the only ones who suffer from your anger. The person who you find the most difficult to forgive is yourself.

“I’ll show you” has become your slogan

Then you realize that many people have criticized you, and you’re determined to show them how much you’re made of, and you’re eager to show them how much you’ve succeeded, except that you have yet to arrive. They must, however, wait!

You believe everyone is having a good time without you

You think they’re trying to be nice, but they’re waiting for you to go home and after you’ve left, it’s likely that they’re having a lot of fun since you’ve gone.

People get jittery when you’re walking around

If you step into the other people’s space, you are struck by something different. The environment appears to shift; they speak haltingly and then stop for a couple of seconds. When you’re close by, they won’t tell you right away, but they’ll let you know discreetly.

You’re a taker who seeks attention

Instead of being a part of a reciprocal relationship, you are an unrelenting taker. You always need others to assist you or provide you with their services.

Happy people irritate you

The thought of someone who is enjoying life fully can make you sweat. It is a sour feeling when people are smiling or laughing out loud because, in your mind, you know that you won’t be able to be happy or perform the same.

You lack patience

Your tolerance for things that don’t help you is extremely low. You’re irritable with people and can fly off the rails at the slightest perceived matter.

You ponder death

If you believe that your life is useless and that you would rather die, your vibration is at the lowest among low. This particular sign requires immediate intervention by a qualified psychologist.

You don’t believe in yourself

Doubts about yourself are always in your head. You think that people have naturally gifted capabilities and talents, but you are unable to discover one thing that you’re proficient at.

You don’t set precise objectives or expectations for yourself

There are some things you’ve already tried and failed at. You don’t want to plan any longer since it will just lead to further disappointments, and you’re much too old to recover from another setback.

You think that nobody understands you

People with low vibrations are innately aware that something is not right within them, causing them to feel like they are an outcast.

You’re waiting for something to happen

Instead of taking control of your personal life, you just sit waiting for the answer to appear from the sky. You don’t take any action to get it done, and you just wait for someone to show up and solve your problems.

Taking responsibility for your actions goes beyond just a declaration; it’s an ongoing and continuous calling to action that can improve your life and positively impact those in your life.

When I’m in the middle of a conversation, getting advice or being corrected, one way I respond is to say, “I have heard, I can do better, and I will,” for me, this is more than just a reply, a statement, or an apology, It’s a way of telling myself that I’m better than this and calling myself out to take responsibility for my actions and do better.

How Taking Responsibility For Your Actions Helps You Grow in the Process

You’re cut off from the rest of the world

It’s wonderful to chat with strangers, but only if they ask a number of questions. You’ve created barriers due to the fact that you don’t trust people easily, and you’ve got little to boast about within your own life. You’re aware that if you allow them in, they’ll be able to see how pitiful you are.

You’re antisocial

Nobody likes you; that’s what your mind is telling you. You’re having a difficult time building and keeping friendships since it’s difficult to believe that anyone would truly like you.

People tiptoe around you

You make people feel uncomfortable. They never know when they are going to be a target in the explosion of your rage, so they walk around on eggshells to keep you from getting angry. You create an unsettling gray cloud as you enter a room, and everyone is aware.

You are a nitpicker who finds flaws in everything

You can’t help yourself; you’re a stickler. You believe that you’re accurate in your remarks and believe that people are overly sensitive. If you notice something’s not working, then someone must tell them the truth.

You’re judgmental

The fact that you don’t think highly of yourself pushes you to scrutinize other people. No one is sufficient; your mind is shut, and you are on the highway.

You think you’re the smartest person in the world

You are an expert, and you are determined to be perfect at all times. People who have high vibrations recognize that they must be growing and learning, but people who have low vibrations are not interested in maturing.

You’re insecure

Many of your negative behavior is rooted in your own fears. You believe that you’re not reaching the heights of your life, and so you blame your self-love issues on other people.

You’re sabotaging yourself

It is well-known that certain habits can help you in achieving your maximum potential. Even if (or particularly when) you have an obligation the following day, you put it off and then go out drinking heavily. At times, you are the worst enemy of your own and are fully aware of it.

You feel compelled to help others

Because it is difficult to take on this task yourself, You enjoy pointing out flaws in others’ lives and offering suggestions for fixing these. This is something you do to people who are less robust than you, for instance, your kids or younger siblings.

Rich people bother you

You believe that people who have money are only concerned about money. You believe that money is the source of all evil and that anyone with money is only rich because life is unfair to the poor. You stay as far away from them as possible.

You love to gossip

Nobody’s secret is safe with you. The thrill of gossip makes you feel more confident since you see it as a chance to knock someone else down.

You’re defensive

Telling a person with negative energy and low vibration anything about themselves is like picking a fight. They’ll lash out, and the discussion will not be productive. If you do not accept feedback, then you are likely not highly vibrating.

Everyone is aware of your flaws; you think

We are our own harshest judges, so we obsess about our defects even when no one else does. 

You think that the world owes you 

You believe that the world is sabotaging you. You feel that a large force has made a decision that your life will be a miserable one. Regardless of how much you try to conceal it, the wrath of God is revealed.

Low Vibrations Can Bring Physical Symptoms

  • Feeling tightness in your chest 
  • Having rapid breathing
  • Finding you have shaking hands
  • Having digestive problems
  • Feeling heavy within the body
  • Experiencing physical pain
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Feeling nauseous

The physical symptoms may become more severe and cause more severe illnesses that can limit your daily life. Like constant migraines, auto-immune diseases, depression, constant fatigue, and panic attacks, to mention a few.

When you experience these feelings and sensations, your responses to events that you face in your daily life are taken from a low-vibrational state, which is not beneficial.

How to Raise Your Vibration

Here are some ways to assist you in raising your vibration:

Take care of your body

If you’ve not been sleeping well over the last few weeks, you’ve not been eating well, or haven’t been exercising, it’s likely that you’re not in a good mood. The state of our mind greatly impacts our mood and mental health.

Go get healthier!

Be sure to check your mood

Are you feeling happy, energetic, excited, and bright? Or are you depressed? Or angry?

A persistent feeling of sadness, anger, or any other negative emotion is an indicator of a low frequency. But you can use your mind, words, and power to alter your mood.

In many cases, simply declaring that you feel certain things is enough to distract the attention away from the issue (putting it in the context of sensation). It’s then easier to let the feeling move through you and disappear.

The easiest way is to admit, “I feel (sad, anger, jealous, etc. ).”

Part of this awareness is realizing that you’re not your emotions; they are just temporary experiences, and that’s it.

Don’t say, “I am sad” or “I am angry,” you could say, “I feel sad” or “I feel angry.”

If you focus on the problem, the feelings continue, but if you focus on the feeling and give no mental energy to the problem, the feelings will pass.

Have a gratitude journal

Before getting into bed, take a moment to write five things that you’re grateful for. There’s no need to think about it too much.

There are many reasons to be thankful for!

  • Be grateful you’re still alive.
  • Be grateful you still have time to make changes in your life.

It is effective because it helps your brain learn to search for the best things. Repeat the exercise each night before bed; do this each day for up to a month or two. You can skip the notebook once you get into the habit.

We’ve all thought about the secret formula for starting our day correctly, ensuring maximum performance, effective time management, and efficiency. Let’s dive into Andrew Huberman’s daily routines and how to modify these habits to fit your own lifestyle.

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Check your results

A high frequency manifests in positive results. Conversely, a low vibration can manifest in negative results.

If you were experiencing things well until things suddenly took a turn in the wrong direction, the reason is the lowering of your vibration.

Be aware that the circumstances you are experiencing result from the past, and you could be dealing with the residue of low vibration.

Instead of dwelling on your bad results, look at the reverse of the gap and your accomplishments to date.

How to go about it:

Write down your thoughts in your journal:

  • What have you accomplished?
  • How far you have come?
  • What do you appreciate and value that you’ve always wanted previously, and that you have today?
  • List five things that you have learned from your professional and personal lives.

Do this routinely by adding new things each day. Check your list at the end of the month, and check out how you feel.

Check your mind

The mental process is directly influenced by the vibration you generate.

A high frequency is characterized by quick thinking, sharp learning, a quick recall of memories, creativity, problem-solving, and general creativity.

Low vibration is manifested by slow thinking and slow learning, “mental fog,” poor memory, and feeling stuck with problems and creative blockages.

Inspire your inner artist to engage in something you enjoy that is completely unconnected with your work obligations. Engage your mind in this favorite exercise until you feel more relaxed. 

Look for positive idols

Who are these people who just radiate joy and happiness?

Try to imbibe the happy ones for at least a month or two instead of the melancholic folks. For the sake of changing your brain’s programming, it is best to search for more vibrant people to model ourselves after.

Consider the people you admire who have a high frequency. Note them down or print their pictures and be influenced by their images.

Check your body

Your body’s physical form contains a variety of clues regarding your energy level.

Fatigue, headaches and digestive issues, skin conditions, sleep disturbances, lower libido, and frequent illnesses are typical signs of low energy. 

These are signs that might appear to be caused by a physical factor, but in reality, a ‘physical’ cause is also, at its root, an energetic cause.

If you’ve been through an extended period of stress and you’re aware of the fact that it took its toll on your overall health and vitality. In the same way, being in love and engaging in activities you enjoy can boost your health.

Do a body talk with your body. Pay attention to what your body says to you. You might be so familiar with feeling sad or anxious that you don’t notice it, but your body knows. It’s going to respond with sleep issues, fatigue, and a myriad of other signs; be sure not to take any physical indications for granted.

If your body is telling you that you should get more sleep, work out regularly, and eat better, make the first step to meet your body’s needs.

Take in more positive stuff

  • Relax with good and rich music. 
  • Read inspirational stories. 
  • Connect with positive people. 
  • Find articles on how you can become more positive.
  • Beware of negative thoughts for a time. 
  • Avoid others who are low-vibration. 
  • Avoid listening to sad songs and avoid watching depressing films.

It’s just a matter of pulling yourself out of an unfriendly environment and getting your head high to gradually increase your vibration.

When you feel stuck, it becomes easy to feel depressed about life; we all know what it’s like to experience rough patches.

When you’re facing something challenging, it’s easy to be overwhelmed; it’s easy to be enticed by the idea that things can’t be better or you’re not good enough.

It’s possible that things won’t go as planned, and there are some challenges that appear impossible to overcome; that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not strong. If you can endure tough situations, then you’re tough.

Are you looking for inspirational quotes about ‘You got this!’ In this compilation of “You got this” quotes, I’ve dug into the positive phrases that help us remember our power and ability. These quotes encourage you to be confident in yourself and believe that you’ve got what is required to be successful and realize your goals.

You Got This Quotes to Motivate and Remind You Of Your Inner Strength

Check your home

Your home is the physical manifestation of what’s going on in your life’s energy.

For example, overburdened and stressed people tend to ignore their homes as they’re unable to complete another task on their to-do list. The low-vibrating energy manifests as dirt, clutter, and disarray in their home, so clean up your home.

If your house is overcrowded, the impact is directly on your vibration. You get rid of the negative energy that has taken space in your energy field when you tidy your home.

People who are “organized and successful” in life do not come naturally. They have to learn healthy habits that will help them stay organized.

People who are organized are very attuned with their thoughts. You are what you do. Your habits and your actions are directly related to who you are. You can manage your life by planning, organizing, and jotting down everything.

People who are organized have the mental strength and ability to form solid core beliefs that motivate Identity-based habits. Identity-based habits have the advantage of being based on who you believe yourself to be.

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Knowing and understanding the concept of low vibration and the desire to raise the frequency of one’s life provides significant insights into personal development, well-being, and the nature of our human experience. Understanding the effects of negative emotions, fear, and low frequencies on our emotional, physical, and mental states will be the very first move to creating positive change.

The choice to break free of low-vibrational patterns takes conscious and deliberate effort to develop positive thoughts, habits, and feelings. It requires awareness of oneself, mindfulness, and a commitment toward cultivating an increased frequency of vibration. When we practice an attitude that encourages happiness and gratitude, we gradually shift our attention to more positive states.

Plus, the quest to raise vibrational levels is not only an individual effort but expands into the consciousness of all. Through radiating higher frequencies, we can contribute to a healthy and peaceful atmosphere, which influences the people around us and creates an impact that is beyond personal limits.

The process of raising one’s vibration is a continuous process that requires constant self-reflection, deliberate decisions, and the determination to release any limiting assumptions. It’s an empowering process that opens the way to greater joy, satisfaction, and alignment with greatness.

Embracing the challenge of increasing our vibrational level allows us to face life with confidence and a positive attitude. As we increase our vibration and enter an infinite realm of possibilities, the energy we radiate creates the world we live in, creating an energizing and vibrant existence.

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