What is Self Love and to Practice it?

There are many highs and lows in life. Negative situations can be challenging for anyone, no matter where they are. We all need a little boost. It’s a reminder of how amazing we all are and that SELF-LOVE is key to loving others, living our lives well, being grateful, and feeling happy. You’ve reached the right place if you are in need of that reminder today.


Psychology studies have shown that self-love is key to mental well-being and keeping anxiety and depression at bay.

What is Self Love?

Self-love and self-respect are the keys to self-worth.


Self-love refers to a feeling of self-worth developed through actions that promote our spiritual, psychological, and physical growth. Self-love is respect for one’s happiness and well-being. Self-love is not satisfied with less than you deserve.

It is important to understand what self-love means for you.

It can be:

  • Prioritizing yourself
  • Give yourself permission to let go of self-judgment.
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Be true to yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Setting healthy boundaries

Self-love can be described as self-care for many. Self-care is often about going back to basics.

  • Pay attention to your body
  • Take breaks from work to move/stretch.
  • Get off your phone and physically connect with others or create something.
  • Healthy eating is important.

Self-love is accepting yourself at this moment for all that you are. Accepting your emotions as they are is a sign of self-love. It also means putting your mental, physical and emotional well-being first.

Why You Should Practice Self-Love

  • Become more mindful. People with greater self-love tend to understand better what they feel, think, and want.
  • Focusing on your needs rather than what you want will help you avoid automatic behaviors that can get you in trouble, keep you stuck in past situations, and reduce self-love.
  • Self-care is essential for self-love. It will make you feel loved, and in turn, it will help you love yourself more. Healthy lifestyles, such as exercise, nutrition, and intimacy, are key to self-love.
  • Make room for healthy habits. Take responsibility for your health by taking care of yourself through what you eat, what you do, and how you spend your time. Don’t just do things to “get it done” or because you “have to,” but because you care about yourself.

How to Practice Self-Love

1. Shift your mindset

Even though it may not seem like it, most negative situations can be viewed as a learning opportunity. We might as well learn from negative situations if we are going through the pain and discomfort of having to deal with them.

It’s not about trying to blame yourself or others for the circumstances. Instead, shift your perspective and look for the lessons in the situation; this is not about trying to make the situation worse. It’s about finding a positive outcome and hopefully preventing it from happening again.

2. Get support

Support from trusted friends and family can help you not only get through difficult times but can also help strengthen your relationships with those around you.

3. Stop comparing yourself. 

Self-love is destroyed by comparison. We aren’t always very kind when it comes to making comparisons. Instead, we look at our worst flaws and try to compare them with someone else’s greatest achievement. You’re doomed for failure.

Instead, remember that your story is yours. You can’t compare your story to another person’s because you don’t know their feelings or how they see them. Instead, use your time and energy to build your path.

4. Concentrate on the things you can control

We cannot always control the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and we cannot please everyone. When we are in a negative circumstance, we can take responsibility for our actions and make amends. You will feel worse if you try to take responsibility for situations you can’t control. This is also self-destructive as you cannot control what happens.

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5. Self-compassion is a practice that you can do

Each negative situation can be a learning opportunity for self-compassion. Your quality of life is directly related to how much self-compassion you show yourself. Self-compassion is a key factor in overcoming difficult situations and taking risks to improve our professional and personal development

Self-compassion does not mean giving up control or allowing others to take care of you. It’s about accepting yourself as a human being with human experience and learning to make amends.

6. It will pass

Life is full of highs and lows. And everything in between; this does not mean that bad situations will always happen, but it does mean that they will pass and be replaced by more positive ones.

It is our job to learn from negative situations and to be able to enjoy the good times and create more.

Negative situations can be uncomfortable and even painful. How we handle these situations can have a big impact on how we feel about them. 

7. Create the life that you desire by taking steps.

They are powerful in making your dreams come true. You can show that you are worthy of living the life and dreams you want by taking small steps each day.

You are very much allowed to dream big; your steps do not have to be large. You can take small, consistent steps that lead to joy, care, and excitement; this shows that you care about your dreams and yourself. Is there a better time than right now to do this?

8. Be around people who make you feel good.

This is a very important point! Jim Rohn’s famous phrase “You are the average of five people you spend the most time with” may be familiar to you. Think about the people that you are currently spending the most time with; Are they inspiring, filling you up, and wanting the best for you?

It would be best to be careful about who you choose to spend your time with. Don’t just spend time with people in the spirit of mercy; this is not nice for you, or the other person. If you don’t want to be there, then do not.


There are ups and downs in life. It is possible for health to turn into disease. Failures can turn into successes. It is possible to turn romantic love into coldness. No matter what happens outside, self-love can be a strong foundation.

Self-love in today’s society is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Start practicing the above practices and, most importantly, be kind to yourself when you fail, you can simply get over yourself and start again. 

Remember that caring for yourself is the best way to care for others. Your actions can have an impact on the lives of others.

How To Practice Self Love
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